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Originally Posted by dextrous View Post

The Palmer Stab and a SS set-screw for the port compensator are the best phantom mods ever.

You can thank me any time for that. Hell knows... I took allot of grief for it, but I stuck with it, and it's catching on.
Have you tried this mod. Mine too.

Open bolt Phantom.
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I've had this for almost a year now...forgot I had any pictures of it until I got to cleaning off my HD. I'd love to eventually find a right or center-feed breech and L stock to match this at some point. I don't know if it was a one-off anodizing job or part of a batch, but the finish is beautiful. It was advertised by the seller as "black and gold acid", but it's really more like black and olive - hard to capture the colors properly with a digital camera.

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Got an Outlaw game in the LA or San Francisco area? Please PM me!

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Here's mine:

Doc Nickel PA Phantom (with an Adrenalin feedneck )

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CCI Phantom #4

I'm the 2nd owner. It started out as a right-feed unibody (probably black anodize w/no .45 frame). The owner sent it back to Mike at CCI for some upgrades (VSC body, clear parts, .45 frame, 12gram changer, t-stock, and this super sick blue/purple/teal/black anodize). I have some other recent pics on my home computer, but can't find them right now. Without further ado, here it is!

VSC configuration w/16" Dye Boomstick (how I use it):

VSC coniguration, w/14" stock CCI barrel:

Shown with unibody:

View down the unibody barrel, right-hand threaded feed and sight post intact:

Close-ups of the serial number, 4 stamped on the bottom of the trigger guard:

Spin Doc

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In my sights - who made that top one? Looks like something that would come out of Punisher's shop.
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I have a Phantom
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Little toy I picked up at SPE
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