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Originally Posted by Marijuanaut85 View Post
Installed mine with the long spring and the trigger pull is amazingly light now. Had to remove the safety because it did not want to cooperate with the new trigger width but i can live with that fact
Glad you like it! Yeah long spring & roller makes a world of difference! You should also notice a lot less side to side play as well!
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I'll take a red one if you have em!
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Want a black, PM'd

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Stock class
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Falcons rise up
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Any word on when the next slow boat will be arriving?
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Any update on when the next batch will be available for purchase?
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Well, ran into the first issue I've had with my roller trigger. Could have been used error, but it's been in the gun for 2 years or more now and when I went to use it I realized the trigger felt pretty wobbly. Turns out my bearing decided it didn't want to be together anymore. Luckily I had a spare stock trigger in the toolbox. Now to find a new bearing.Name:  IMG_20190414_102429.jpg
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Phantom Roller triggers

Any availability on Phantom Roller triggers in black... or an ETA?
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Interested in a trigger in black. PM’d as well.
Originally Posted by JonnyDread View Post
I'd buy one. I'm enjoying the hell out of my Phantom lately so naturally I'm ready to slut it up.
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