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Factory FSR Phantom Breech!!?? We can make it happen!!!

Okay guys, so I'm looking at all the FSR stuff, I remember when the FS round was in development and talking to Tyler Tiberius about it in person, and seeing how it came to be and all and all.. Then I go into hiatus for a few years (Like from June 07' till now), and FSR is everywhere and everything! Because of my semi retirement from paintball, I only kept two of my paintball markers.. My Lapco Grey Ghost, (because I will one day make a duckslide for it so I can have a Lapco Grey Ghostduck Slide), and my beloved CCI VSC Phantom with OC breech.

Now being as it may that I don't move around like I used to, It takes a little more work for me to be effective, and with a pump that proves difficult. Especially when I have a sneaky cuss lobbing first strike rounds from way out of my range!! Then I hits me, (literally both the idea and the round at the same time) a Phantom that can shoot First Strike Rounds would be awesome!!

Naturally I do some digging and I find a few folks that have modded the Phantom to do just that, but... They are doing a Mag feed, or single shot bolt action.. To each their own, those are all and good, but... That's really not why we love the Phantom...

So I decide, "What the hell why not ask Mike Casady himself at CCI?"

Which is what I did.. I emailed him and the following is what I got.
On Sun, 11/27/16, Mike Casady <> wrote:

Subject: First Strike Rounds
To: edited so you can't see my email
Date: Sunday, November 27, 2016, 2:03 PM
I started working on a breech for first strike which was a mag feeding
design. However, because of lack of demand and a problem with many fields
not allowing first strike I shelfed the development.

I am willing to bet that if we had enough interest from the CCI Phantom community, they would pull the development of this off the shelf! I personally would like to see maybe a mag feed that would mount such as an Ariakon Overlord mag, that would have a quick change Vertical Feed adapter so a player can switch to a 50 round gravity loader for standard paintballs on the fly...

How many folks other than me think this is worth going after?

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I would totally buy a FS breech, and mag fed sounds awesome.
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This would pique my interest
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Its only been 8 years
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I would buy at least one and getting a mag fed conversion would be awesome. I've been wanting to get into mag fed but don't really have to money to drop on a full set up. I also have at least 3 friends that are not MCB members that will buy these products.

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I too would buy a FS breech if it ever happened.
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Is there no end to the versatility of the Phantom design? A mag-fed FSR Phantom? From the factory? Mike Casaday=the "Tesla" of Paintball.
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I looked at some older posts, and found this is not the first time it was brought up that Mike Casady was in the process of building a FSR breech.

It talks about it that Mike shelved the development due to the current FSR field insurance issue. I respect that he may want to hold off, but as we all know, money talks and greases skids, if the there is enough interest, getting an FSR breech from CCI would solidify the Phantom as the most versatile paintball platform ever!!
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This has sparked my interest and brought me out of my paintball slumber.
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The breech isn't "hard" to mod it's the fact that there are no FSR phantom barrels (rifled) Yes even with a smooth bore they shoot great but with a rifled barrel they preform the best. The guy who made the fsr phantom also custom made/threaded a lapco barrel.It was a great shooter.
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For something like this, it would be great to have the body threaded for A5 or Autococker threads. Would definitely beat having to get a barrel made or re-threaded.
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