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Sound options:

Bored barrel


Stock barrel, Autospirit, Microshot as a set.

I'm perfectly happy with my bored 11in, it's so quiet that I thought I was shooting low when I first used it.
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A bored out stock barrel for freak inserts shoots great.

I've never shot anything better on a Phantom than a CCI CF barrel.

My CCM kit wasn't better than my stock w/ inserts.
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Thanks guys, I think the bored barrel option with a few inserts is prob the cheapest. I only ever seem to use 2-3 inserts anyway in my Specter kit. Looks like Twinky does it pretty inexpensively.
Now if only I could get my Tiberius 8 bored as well...

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I just got my bored Phantom barrel from WWA. It works better than I could of hoped for. It is SO quiet, takes people a few shots at them before they know where it's coming from. Plus very accurate and no more roll outs. I'm in Ontario Canada and I got mine in 8-9 days
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I've had a few positive expriences with WWA's ebay sales so far, so no worries there if you do end up getting one from there.

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could Mongo or Twinky bore out an old dye barrel that looks like one piece boom stick. i have phantom barrel but will not work on my older phantom if they could bore that out make easy for me
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I don't see why they couldn't. There's a picture of a Twinky bored Dye back on the PHOG.

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i got this barrel in 1997 and that long time ago. one frantom barrel i have works on my other open class phantom the not one i got back in 1997 for some reason threads are not same with it being board for the freak inserts. just wondering if could do i will have to ship gun and barrel thou
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I love my 16" Dye Boomstick. Unfortunately, with shrinking paint, it's harder to shoot without getting roll-outs. This is easily the most accurate marker I own though, better than all others!
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