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Post Whore
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Phantom paint

I tried Dye CG but it seems too fragile and blew out the barrel. My instinct is use the best paint available since its stock class, but the best paint doesn't like unregulated CO2.

What are y'all shooting?
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Dye CG? From like 5 years ago?

I'm able to use pretty much any paint. 5-star, evil, whatever..

Only time I had a problem with more brittle paint is when I briefly tried an open face tpc.
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open face tpc, control bore barrel (usually .684), Valken Redemption, no problems
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I am super particular and I absolutely need the roundest, most brittle, most dry (no oily) outer shell, .686" diameter paintballs; and the All Stars which discontinued in 2012-ish fit that perfectly

I don't mind a barrel break every so often from brittle paintballs if the stuff flies straight up until the barrel break happens, I just run a pull-thru squeegee cable through the barrel and wipe the bolt face with a gloved lint-less finger and the Phantom is back in business

So I'll keep an eye on this thread to see what others are saying. Lots of people are saying they like Redemption
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not sure why this was brought up. but not every batch going be like one you had few months back. also since size of paintballs can change over time what you thought was good at time. might not be good now. also they do make winter ball and summer ball paintball.
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No gooder, rascal
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Nelson anarchy all day with lapco bigshot .681. Haven't had a barrel break yet, plenty of breaks on target.
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Chuck E Ducky
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I use Valken Redemption and Redemption Pro when I can get my hands on it. I can't rember the last time I broke paint. Are u using the Detent rings, or is it freak bored?

DYE CG is old paint they don't make it anymore could just be bad paint. CG was brittle Tournament grade paint to begin with may not age well. I haven't seen it for sale in over a year so it's got to be pretty old by now.
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Originally Posted by AnarchicArctic View Post
Nelson anarchy all day with lapco bigshot .681. Haven't had a barrel break yet, plenty of breaks on target.
I can attest the to breaks on target
Originally Posted by Crimson Death View Post
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Originally Posted by Cunha View Post
Just fyi everyone the answer is stock class for all questions related to paintball and to solve all paintball related problems except carbon emissions because we gotta use those 12 grams.

Double FYI for paintball rules there should be no "offer" of surrender, its either mandatory surrender at X distance when guy is behind you or no surrender and you get shot in the booty. "offer" of surrender makes for some ridiculous and dangerous john woo tactics.
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I just look at the bags on offer and grab whatever's looking most spherical and least oily. My Phantom ain't picky since I had ASP put detent rings in.
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