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Somebody responded to a similar comment on Facebook. They said they had been by Mikes shop and that there was still lots of stock of parts, but not enough to build complete phantoms. They seemed pretty certain more parts were going to be built to fill the gaps and make more phantoms.

Regardless, all the time is the right time to buy more stuff from Mike!.. if that's what you're thinking.
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He has had stuff being machined in the past few weeks at least because I ordered some raw parts. I would guess black and silver guns will start showing up and maybe some cool frankensteins with the random bits left over.
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He's been annoing by single lots every few months instead of in bulk for a couple years now IIRC. Probably finally managed to cut down his on-hand stock somewhat.
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Not to add to any of the confusion here but some of you may not know that Mike sources out his fabrication and annodizing. He essentially rents a room from the machine shop that does all the fabrication.
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All of this is nothing but speculation anyway...

From talking to Mike, I don't get the impression that he is interested in shuttering the business. He is interested in retiring, he is 68...

He is not interested in selling, and having to carry the financing....

He has reduced inventory from 90k to 30k (approximate, but close), and is working on reducing that even more.

He has taken anodized parts in schemes that nobody wants, and had them redone..

He is planning on keeping black and silver in stock.

Any of the other anno patterns are available, but you will have to pay the anodizing cost up front, and there will be a corresponding time delay.

Mike is in the same building as the machine shop that he has used for many years. It is just down the hall...

Here's hoping that the right deal comes his way, we can continue to enjoy the product, and Mike can retire and move on to other things...

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When I spoke to Mike last week he said he was 69 years old, but hadn’t thought about retirement for a while. Also, he is of the mindset that keeping busy is good and component concepts does just that
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Comment removed on request of originator.
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Originally Posted by oldschool View Post
the auto industry eats its young
spent several years in the industry - don't do it
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Originally Posted by JonM View Post
I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of stock class players cried out in terror.
I think you got the numbers a little off there, it just sounds like millions because all fourteen of them are very, very loud and whiny.
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Nobody actually plays on MCB, they just hoard and sell.
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