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Originally Posted by AnarchicArctic View Post
You’ve hit the nail firmly on the head sir!

That's gonna be my new poster over my service work bench at work ...

Your on a good track with a premade magwell, I did an attempt a few years ago with a machined /welded magwell and it went horribly bad ... It will save you lots of drama to have a well fitting well.

Keep up posted ...
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Love my brass
... hard choice ...

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Got a few minutes to try and wrap my head around this tonight. Discovered a few things. The magwell is a bit larger than the revy body, so no matter which method I pursue I will need to print or sculpt some kind of build up to keep the fit snug. That being said, each course offers its own challenges.

If I go with the breech load option,
I eliminate the possibility of zoom dot fins sticking on the bolt as it slides forward and I have a semi auto mag fed phantom! This method also requires less milling than the other. But, the milling necessary includes identical cuts in the body as well as a breech sizer. The only body truly in contact with the mag well is the slanted bit, so a significant amount of build up will be necessary. Also, efficiency will be shot to hell as air can escape below the round and into the mag.

If I go the pump route...
I should be able to invert the stock body placing the feed hole on the bottom and mill this to a zoom dot shape. The new top will have the start of the old cocking path. Tap the bolt, mill the rest of the slot and I have a top cocking mechanism that would easily attach to an over barrel pump rod. The old feed neck anchors on the new bottom could also be plugged or used to anchor a plate which holds the body to the mag well. Lastly, the body ends flush with the magwell for a clean look.

But...the trigger frame will need extensive modification to fit the magwell, and as I’ve lost my front frame screw to the inversion of the body, a new location will have to be sorted, drilled and tapped.
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I talked to ADN about doing a magfed phantom body. He said he's wrapped up in projects until the end of the year, but may be able to start looking at it then.

I really hope it works out with him. His other conversions have all been on point.
And I really think this is what's next in my phantom journey.
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