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Intravenous Maple Syrup
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The Magic Combo: Phantom + Paint type = winning

I've played with guys shooting Sniper Platform markers with hoppers that are always talking about GI 5 star or Graffiti whatever. I'm curious what the Phantom crowd has to say about this? Especially since Apoc4lypse's Dualpheed is so popular; spring "pheed" and all. And we all know "good paint" is when the magic happens.

I guess I'll start.

VSC Phantom (HPA, usually)
C-bore 8" with 682 freak insert
Whatever paint I can get my hands on (sadly, usually field paint)
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pump junkie
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CCI Phantom Fan
For me
VSA Phantom 12gms
Stock 15rd feed
11" C bore with a loose paint match (.682,.684)
Graffiti is my paint of choice
My feedback
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CCI Phantom Fan
Not gonna bore ya with all my specs, just the important ones

2 different phantoms 12 grams and HPA
C-bore barrel (loose fit, size varies) + ASP detents
Dualpheed spring feed system on both
Social paintball grit and honor (when it's warmer)
Graffiti on occasion

First off, no paint likes to stay under pressure for too long. Social paint is my local field paint, grit goes where I want with the occasional flyer, Honor is a step up but only used when it's warmer weather or risk it being too brittle.
Good success with graffiti when I use it, Grit seems to be more consistent batch per batch (had some slightly off graffiti before).

One shots at range do happen if I dont suck.

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President Ragnastock
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CCI Phantom Fan
Vsc, 12grams
15rd Stockclass feed
.681 bigshot
Nelson anarchy is my favorite, but hard to find. Shoots lazers out of the lapco. Ive also had good experience with fresh graffiti.
AnarchicArctic feedback
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Grumpy Lurker
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Gator Black out of the stock CCI barrel was the best...

(for you youngsters, Gator Black was a black shell with bright yello/green fill, which you could NOT see in the air, especially playing woodsball, and was so choice...)
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sex, pump and R'n'R
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Still tuning my setup but the best luck I've had with paint was Empire Evil from before they were bought, haven't had a chance to try Evil after they were bought.
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Stock class SPAM
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Recently played at a big scenario game with the new Ultra Evil and 5 Star. Evil was trash and I missed a ton of shots thanks to it. 5 star was better but it ran pretty small like .675 with an occasional roll-out. I have been shooting Graffiti with great effect recently. It was shot through a .680 Palmer's brass under-bored just a tad because the other guys were shooting .682 and .684. Most field paint here in Hawaii has been hard to play stock class with for years. Nelson Anarchy was my favorite paint around 2013-15 or so till we stopped getting it shipped here. That was really great paint!
Limited Paintball (LTD)
MCB Feedback
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Lockdown Scenarios
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Brass and Wood Fan
VSC Phantom (multiple configs)

Graffiti is my usual go-to paint for most occasions, but Mr Phantom is awfully fond of Hellfire....
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When I play with my phantom, every shot has to count. So roundness of the paint is the most important factor (accuracy). Next is consistency in size. Next after that is, how close is it to an insert size and will I be able to underbore.

Valken redemption has stood out as being some of the best paint I've ever shot. Unfortunately a lot of places don't seem to sell it any more - anybody know if it's been discontinued?

If I can't find redemption, graffiti is usually pretty good, and so is GI 4 star.
Very Respectfully,

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