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15 Rd Feed tube 11 26.83%
12 Rd New(er) style feed tube 30 73.17%
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which is better?

a 15rd feed or the newer 12rd feed? what do you guys prefer?
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Apocalypse dualpheed
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I need this!
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Originally Posted by a.greenleaf View Post
Apocalypse dualpheed
Rusty Brass Feedback

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I’m going to have to agree with the Apoc
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Apoc changed the game so hard.
It's like a whole new gun!
I could not imagine going back to rock forward tubes.

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Of those options, the 12 is great. Apoc's stuff rocks super hard.
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I have never used one of the Apocalypse dualpheed so I'm going to have to go with the 12 Round feed. I have bought the 15 round tubes and cut them down to accommodate 12 rounds due to the 15 round length is just to long for me. I currently have a couple of the "round" tubes that have been cut down to hold 12 and I have one of the "newer" style and don't notice a difference at all.

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12 round cut down old feed or new style one piece
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15 rounder is my jam. Smaller view windows on only one side of the tube mean less splatter potential on your future rounds. And the 15 round capacity makes for better tactical reloads, because you can still have 5 on board and give it a full tube.
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pump junkie
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Original 15 round the new style 12 round is ugly
My feedback
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