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Anyone use larger than 12 gm. pre-packaged CO2 on a Phantom?

I like to try all types of configurations on the phantom, mostly 12 grams on a back changer or a pistol setup in VCS front grip.

I was grocery shopping at Kroger and saw narrow, assuming 2 to 4 oz., Tippmann Metal non-valve, puncture single use container that uses a threaded connector to a paintball marker for 2 for $7.99.

Itís an old technology but still available. Gives easily 8-12x the volume of a 12 gram, and supplies CO at high pressure. I used one on a Thumper as a sidearm at I.O.N in 2013 that worked, but never on a Phantom.

Anyone use larger than 12 g pre-packaged CO2 on a Phantom?
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We've certainly tried the 88 or 90 gram single use containers. Sold in 2 packs, marketed first by brass eagle then rebranded as a JT product, with the provided adaptors. That's a bit over 7x a 12 gram or a little over 3 oz so usually 250 to 300 shots, so certainly in the useful range for phantoms. I believe the availability of the adaptors led to some experiments with 16 and 33 gram threaded cartridges. I believe check valves and refilling were tried with varying degrees of success.
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JT sold those with an adapter for a while, too. They're conventional off-the shelf cartridges, originally intended for things like life vest and life raft inflation, and come in sizes ranging from 16 gram up to I think 122 gram.

The problem with them is they're all fabulously expensive. Typical 12 grams enjoy an economy of scale that comes from decades of common pellet-gun use. The bigger cartridges are typically only used for things like the life rafts, and so production numbers are far, far lower. Which of course means costs are much higher.

They were popular for a time when bundled with bubble-packed box-store markers, but most people find them much too expensive for regular use- like $3 to $5 each for the smaller ones, and upwards of $10 - $15 for a 33 gram.

Long story short, yeah, they work if you've got the adapter- I've even seen guys convert some of the bike tire inflation kits to work as well. But they're kinda spendy for regular use.

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The size is too weird for back mounting but a vertical setup would be good...but they are as long as a 4oz so really a 4oz would be better even for that.

Performance will be the same as any other CO2.

If Iím ever on the road and I need to buy a complete paintball setup from Walmart then Iíd buy them, outside of that scenario they seem useless.
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