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From now on... what happens on PhOG should stay on PhOG... as you guys are a different kind of F'n nuts than this group.

Man.. and I thought I was weird

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It's like a cancer know, power, authority.

You all know I don't wasn't my post count to go above 20. Then I would probably be forced by the Ministry of Phinance to sell some of my collection.

Their trying to get all the neat old guns back up ............ I'd better not reveal that I know anything more about this. Looks like I'm all alone in this.



For those of you that are not regulars on the PHOG, and wonder what in the world is going on, here's a short scoop......... It's a spontaneous unrehearsed "scenario thread" that has it's roots in a fluke on the PHOG where in the stats, on any one day, there are always this group of 18 total online for that today.

Thus I started a story line going about the "Gang of 18". It has been "maturing" all day (very loose terminology here!) at the moment the thread was locked down by a mysterious person from the "Ministry of Information" screen name 3.

In the most recent episode, I have been publicly chastised (and probably rightly so!) for bringing this conspiracy over here! My bad! Striped of all powers for inciting paranoia against the "Man." Sub plot behind the scenes I've been in contact with moderators and admins from around the globe concerned about the affect of this wacky story on this wonderful board!! And now am crying out for an uprising form the people to come to my defense.

My God I feel like H.G.Wells! No, no, there aren't any Martians out your window. Don't jump! .....It's just a guy with a day off, trying to get a little life going on in the Phorums!

Have some Phun and post along with us............we're just making it up as we go!
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This thread is
Originally Posted by Azzy;

I think we are being hit by a tsunami of stupidity.
Paintball is a game of honor, play it that way!

Nelson Owners Group

RIP Grifyn
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