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Vertical Air vs. Bottom Line ASA

Just a quick question. I know that back bottle co2 is not great as sometimes the liquid co2 can get into the marker. I know that vertical air is good for this since the bottle is in the vertical position only gas escapes. With a bottom line asa, would this work just as good as the vertical asa for consistency as the bottle is mounted on a slight angle? And if I'm completely wrong with all of this then please just let me know.
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the bottom lines on phantoms are at an angle but if you have to shoot down hill then the liquid can get in the system and cause spikes. i just anti siphoned all my tanks and added an expansion chamber on my vertical asa. now it is really consistant. was trying to use a reg and bottom line tank but kept getting varying feet per sec. gave up on the reg and just used an expansion chamber. i like having a stock to shoot with so the bottom line works great.
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I like the having the tank as a butt . That's why I use a 9oz. Tank with my bottomline .
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I haven't seen much difference between the two. Both *can* give you spikes if you're really running & rolling around. Both methods seem to behave a little better when the tanks aren't full. The mounting method I use depends on which tank size I feel like using.

The most consistent I've had a Phatom is when I had a 9 oz on a bottomline running through a cheap reg on the vertical ASA. But it looked too clunky, so I went back to 12ies most of the time.
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My personal preference on Phantoms is SC feed, back bottle. The reason?

Fully convertible with no major component changes. Swap to a true stock class (with AT ) or a true open class, by screwing on a centerfeed adapter and using your tank as a stock. Maximum flexibility. Vertical air would be my choice for a "hybrid" gun (either open class 12 gram, or stock class 3.5 oz tank).
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