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Center feed, Right feed, etc.

What does everyone prefer for open class? I like my right feed because I can sight down the barrel. But I don't like having to use an elbow for my hopper because it makes it stand so high off the the marker. I'm using one of those clear viewloader elbows (you can see a pic in my "cci phantom" for sale ad, is there a different elbow or a modification that I can do to drop the height of this? Can you put an ego feedneck directly on a right feed? Will there be any feeding issues with the hopper tipped on it's side?
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I prefer center feed, I think the problem most people have with center feed are the people coming from actual GUN shooting, where with paintball if you stick your nose on the back of the marker and look down both sides of the gun you will surprisingly be dead on for the effective range of a paintball.

Other than that, yes, you can put on a ego feedneck on a right feed, but unless you hold your marker gangster style you are most likely going to have feeding issues. you could try doing a custom cut feedneck with a short elbow, but it will stick up a bit more than a center feed neck regardless.

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i tried an openclass right feed phantom, and all I had available was a 200 round hopper. The hopper full of paint seemed heavier than the phantom gun, and as such, it kept trying to twist/ rotate to the right due to the offset weight. I just purchased a centerfeed phantom because of this complaint. I like you thought that having a "sight" would be ideal, but it's a trade off of sight vs. off-balance feel that you have to make the call on...
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i have the right feed and i cut the feed tube down on the gun as well as cut some off the plastic elbow to shorten the height of the hopper. i use the APP 150 rd one and was able to probably take an inch or more off the height of the hopper. i also use pipe clamps to hold the elbow on cause i dont want my hopper falling off while running. i made the holes for mounting the elbow just thick enough to hold the pipe clamps and cut down the feed tube on the hopper to where the hopper sits pretty close to where it bells out to hold the paintballs. i am looking for a center feed though so i can do the ego feed neck on it and redbeard is right that will be the lowest it will sit. i use an armson red dot so i can put anything in front of it and it still works.
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I use right feed and a 14" barrel so that I can easily gauge windage and drop. I just can't hit a far away area like what would be found in the woods accurately on the first shot with a CF, it's usually way over to the side. However when I get my next gun, a T2, I will get centerfeed. I plan on shooting a lot more paint with that.

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I've always used vertical feed because I don't want the elbow and hopper out there and I feel more balanced on each side evenly but if I had the option on a cheap, extra pump I would choose a left feed and try that out
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the all have their quirks but you could keep right feed and sent up for stick feed too. since that's who i use to play my nelson 007 Cali style gun since gun heavy all ready. not sure who close you live to other people that have phantoms but could try out other styles. also could look around see some will to sell parts since could get center or left feed cheap since was used.
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also if use center feed just use longer barrel since give eye sight too.
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