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Phantom rattle

Ok I disassembled my phantom and tried putting it back together watching some youtube videos, and after re-assembly the hammer assembly seems to rattle when I shake the marker. Is this normal? I tore it apart, put it back together and same results. Other than the rattle, it pumps great and shoots fine... thanks!
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Mine does that. It works fine. Unless it is a very large rattle, don't worry.
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Same here. Doesn't do it when gassed up.
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Yes, that is normal.
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It might just be the pump handle rattling against the barrel.
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nope, the internals slide back and fourth all the time when it's not aired up. This is because the same reason you can't pump it and shoot and here a click when theres no air. The valve requires air to put the hammer and the bolt to the point where they can lock charging the shot allowing it to fire, every ones phantom will do this, unless you put it back together with the bolt and the hammer together with the main spring inside, but after you pull the trigger 1 time the rattle will come back.
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Thanks guys I appreciate the clarification! I don't know very many local phantom pump players (count 0)... so i'm relying on you all!
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