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I'm sure I could make one, but as of right now I'm not taking on anymore work due to college.
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My Olive Drab Phantom (only looks gray in the pictures) has the following (could be hard to find some of it)

1. Noxx Stock made by Noxx55 here on MCB he is no longer taking any work. If you can find one that’s great otherwise look for a T2W Specops stock. They are very close to each other. Cost about $55-$90 depending

2. CCM 86* grip frame with a CZ Hogue grips. CCM is planning on another batch but they are sold out at the moment. Cost $60ish and $20ish for the grips.

3. Very custom Springfeed Designed by myself and built with the help of Noxx55. The aluminum cost me $50, the drill bit to drill the thru hole cost me about $35 on Ebay, The milling that Noxx finished for me was about $160, The anodizing will be included at the very end, the plugs cost me about $30 to have made up and the spring that I have coming cost me $10. So a total of $285 plus shipping, anodizing, and finding someone who would mill it for me.

4. The all important trigger shoe (you can find these for $5-$10)

5. Phantom body drilled for a Timmy Detent (I did this at home with a cordless drill. Works like a champ though.

6. Rainman Pump kit. A must have in my opinion. He is planning on another batch of them so go get on the list. Here is the link: they run for about $75-$90 depending

7. Phantom Freak Barrel with 16 inch tactical tip. I think you can still get these from Smart Parts. Cost with full inserts about $180

8. And Finaly you have to have a phantom to start with. I did it with a Vertical Stock Class (VSC) Phantom that cost me about $200. Then I had everything Anodized to match which took 5 months or so and $190 (If I remember right)

So it roughly cost me about $1070 give or take. But it was worth it in every way and it’s a marker that I will never sell…..

With any custom work you have to not need the marker for a long time as all good things take time and custom work should not be rushed.

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thanks alot Aaron . Though I'm not sure I have the resorces to build something like that :/. Sounds alot harder than I would think it to be :/. I guess it's alot harder than I originaly thought it to be. Specially for m first phantom that's actually mine. I think I would be more proper if I went with something a little more simple. But thanks alot again to everyone who tried to help .
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not tactical, but mil-sim. also only took about $20 in material and 6 hours worth of dremeling, so i think the others win
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Originally Posted by O'Lane View Post
I'm sure I could make one, but as of right now I'm not taking on anymore work due to college.
Are you sure? That is a real shame, this is just what I am looking for, in SC that is. And if you could make it possible to turn the feedblock around, then it would be just perfect!

Would it be OK if someone else makes one?

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