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Sal loves his prototype. Also, it works well in 30 degree weather. Thanks CCM!

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Poppa Sal!

Thank you for sharing Mr. Jay!
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Just received my auto trigger kit today and I'm about as happy as can be. I want to thank Laurie for helping me out, she was so polite and informative. CCM, you have yourself another happy customer.
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Ok, I used my S6 for the first time in like 2 months (blasphemy?) Anywho, aired up and shot wonderful. I love the guns are so well made what you can ignore them and they just preform time and time again. CCM rocks.

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weak sauce broseph.
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CCM is the first and only paintball company that I have EVER been able to call and speak with the company about my gun, piece by piece, all throughout its conception and production. They also helped me get in touch with Chico Metal Finishings to get more parts put in the same ano batch. I can honestly say this is the only paintball gun I will never sell.

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Wow, thats the sickes S6.5 !!! Awesome!!!
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Ordered some random stuff, barrel backs and feed neck clamp for my T2. Came in quick and packaged to perfection. Mel and Rod where a great help with some questions that I had. The only other company that I had such great customer service with was Planet Eclipse.

Just goes to show you if you want to be the best in the business, you have to pay attention to your customers. Thanks guys and I’m looking forward to all the goodies you have coming our way.
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Awesomeness, thy name is CCM...

This is a very sincere thank you to everyone at CCM who made my T2 ownership a reality. I reiterate all the praise that you have earned here on this forum. From my initial fumbling calls trying to figure out what I really wanted, to an expedited delivery in time for this weekend's impromptu game the whole process has been excellent. Thanks to you all!

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I was talking to mel about the leak in my ss25 and I said i thought it was the valve stem O-ring and asked if I needed to buy the full rebuild kit and she asked for my adress and said she would ship the O-ring. Wow! How do they make an money being so FRICKEN GREAT!
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Ordered some spare parts from Ccm on Monday through the eBay store, Laurie combined the shipping price and refunded some money without me even asking. Arrived Thursday well packed. Great customer service and speedy service as always. Thanks again to everyone at Ccm.

-Luke ross, Randolph AFB, tx
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