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Thanks Mel! I never had such pleasant dealings with any company before! I'll make sure to send you something nice from the netherlands soon!
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I first contact Mel months ago. Great communication, I had all informations I needed. My T2 was built and shipped quickly. Everythings sounded great, but the french customs messed up.
Mel kept in touch and let me know quickly when the gun was returned at CCM. It took me quiete a long time to answer her PM due to family problems. The gun has been shipped a second time and I finally received it 2 days ago.

I'd like to thank Mel and everyone at CCM for the great job they do and the high quality service provided. Please don't change anything, people doing such a good business are getting rare these days !
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Just got home from a 13 hour shift, and knowing I had the T2 sitting at my house not being drooled on made me sad. Even though I am extremely tired, I got everything all put on the T2 just have to wait for the sun to come up to take some decent pics worthy of posting. The green turned out perfect, it is basically the same green found on a Monster Energy drink can's tab that opens the can. Thanks again Mel! Oh and everyone else at CCM too, I just didn't get the pleasure of chatting with the rest of the crew.
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WOW! what customer service. Not only does CCM produce amazing markers their CS is refreshing and rare. I got immediate help from Melissa and Rod And they are taking care of needs without me even asking.

I purchased a J2 back in 05 I think and the CS was outstanding then too. Fantastic work guys and you have my utmost gratitude.

I will continue to make my purchases through CCM because they deliver Fantastic personable service on top of making fantastic equipment.

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I really need to thank the folks at CCM. I won't go into the details but it was above and beyond anything I expected to receive. Rod hooked me up big time and Mel, is well probably the best at customer service that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Ya I know I'm laying it on thick but true is true and in a world of complainers and the self entitled it's refreshing to get something extra and not get nickeled and dime'd to death. Great people great products and I'll let you in on a little secret. They answer their phones, their E-mails and help when you need it. Rod even called me. I almost had a heart attack! By the way very cool dude. So when I get my next gun it will be a CCM, I just need to figure out how to get Bill to build me a complete brass mid block T-2. I know I can dream! Thanks again. Jim, AKA=Feyd.................
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I was planning on holding off posting here until I got a full day of play with the T2, but after getting a PM from Mel this morning, I had to publicly thank her, and everyone at CCM for the help and stand up customer service they have going on out there.

I bought a T2 a little over a month ago. And had called CCM before a few times even back to when I had a S6. They were always as helpful as anyone can be. I even got to talk to Rod with some technical questions as well. Bought a T2 straight off their Ebay store the day after they posted it, worked with Mel to get the right sizer for the barrel, and she was very willing to help out. A short while after I got it, I also decided on a few other parts I wanted, including a lever lock for the feedneck. Hopefully by next week I should have a fancy schmancy lever lock on my neck, because CCM actually cares about their customers.

I will certainly be a CCM fan (even more so than I have in the past) from here on out.

Thanks again CCM. And Mel, I'll be calling again in a few weeks to get some lazer engraving done too.

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I have actually had the pleasure of meeting Mel and Rod in person at the Davis Paintball pump tourney last saturday, exactly the same attitude and personality. I have never had customer service like this before, they have gone above and beyond my expectations especially for a first time buyer, they say your 1st impression is the most important of all. Mel and Rod have definately given me the best and greatest impression that anyone can make on a person/customer. Mel and Rod have outdone themselves in my opinion and are a great asset to CCM. Thank you for everything and you just added another customer for life. Keep up the job well done.


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Just got off the phone with CCM... Mel's fault... She promised me pics of some hot double barreled gun pr0n action, and no mail = phonecall!

Mel: CCM how can i help you?

Me: Hi! This is Mel?

Mel: Yeah, how can i help you?

Me: I need some double barreled gun porn....

Mel: Oh hi!! How are you!

Me: Fine, how are you? Everything great?

Mel: Yeah great! Lemme hook you up with Rod for the latest on your gun, just a moment..

Me: Ok great!

I want to appoligise for the time calling... Rod and everybody else at CCM is really busy at the moment, and i've maybe stalled one or two customer's markers from being finished. Rod was kind enough to spend some time, and we had a good chat about lots of things. (and we got a bit sidetracked, so therefore the appoligy) Rod is working on it, but did not progress as planned due to some other things that came up. No problem, and Rod was kind enough to explain in detail what the delay was. But no biggie at all! He's taking his time with the gun to set it up right, and we have the same mindset on things: either do it right, or not at all. Either way it was great chatting!

Now i'm crossing my fingers for some hot double barrel pron to arrive in my email next monday.

J/K! Take your time... It's a bit of a unusual order, but i'm sure it will be well taken care of.
Yes! I love being in battle! I love the moment when my marker stops being a machine and becomes part of me! My blood boils and my mind goes all white! It's an incredible high! There's no time to think, only action!

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It's all good
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Got my T2 last week and am loving every inch of it.

That said, I am extremely impressed with the level of professional, personalized service I got from Mel and the rest of the crew at CCM.

When I recently lost a close family member, Mel told me to call her and chat a bit. Now I can't remember the last time I've seen a company have such dedicated customer support!

As for the workmanship of the marker itself, I have nothing but good things to say about it. No machining streaks or marks, nice, think anno, seamless assembly. It is a marker that truly looks like it was built and assembled with care. This definitely doesn't feel like a mass-produced marker.

I am now a lifelong CCM customer and will definitely spread the word around my homefield!

Thanks Mel, Rod and Laurie for an exceptional customer experience and a great product!
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When I ordered my T2 my paypal took forever to send payment and i needed the gun for a game the next weekend so Mel let me send her a copy of my recipt and shipped it before the payment was acctually sent which is somthing that i would never expect from any company. Thank you CCM for your amazing customer support and products you now have another lifelong customer keep up the good work.
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