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Public Thanks to CCM - Post yours here.

Thanks Lauren!

I ordered something from your eBay store, and it came ultra swift and in perfect condition!

Now I gotta go leave + feedback for you folks!


I added this to a sticky so we can keep any thanks or feedback in one spot for CCM.


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Thanks buddy! Oh and it's Laurie, she's Bill's wife... and the one who makes sure we get paid, so we think she's pretty awesome ourselves!
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I have to echo Shiba-Kun's sentiments. I've bought parts from CCM's Ebay store a time or two, and picked up a T2 from them a couple weeks ago.

Had my first chance to use the T2 today in a scenario game in Ohio. We started the day at 10 and it had risen to a balmy 19 by the time we were wrapping up. The dimply .679" Polar Ice shot amazingly well out of my T2, other than 2 or 3 barrel breaks (not the marker's fault in any way). It was just a pleasure to shoot. +/-2 over the chrono all day long. On a side note I found that holding the pump handle forward only increased velocity by 5-7 fps. That tight range allowed me to chrono in right at the cap.

I knew the T2's efficiency was good going in, but honestly, it was even better than I expected. I shot 1500 today all told, but at one point, I shot a hopper (12v Revy) and 4 140-rd pods, and only drained half of my 45ci 4500 tank.

Will get around to writing a review eventually, but for now, wow. And thanks!
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I had the pleasure of dealing with Laurie last year. it was just to order frame screws and the return spring that goes in the pump handle. i couldn't wait and wanted it shipped next day, which would of cost a small fortune and i didn't care. she told me she would call me back in a couple of minutes. when she did she had a list of shipping options. Thanks to her she was able to get me the order by friday (had practice on the weekend)and cut the shipping like in half or more. I got what i paid for, ten fold.
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So far i have to say that CCM has been the most pleasant company to deal with. Not just paintball companies in general, but of all companies i've dealt with in the past. Ordering was pretty straightforward, and if you have any special requests, no problem at all... Some people have critisized all the hype about the T2 and all, but i think what makes CCM great is they actually listen to their customers... Companies like that are pretty rare in the paintball community.
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I really love my T2, thank you all so much.

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I ordered the CCM pump kit for a Karnivor. The pump arm was the wrong length with the kit but I sent in dimensions for a new one and they had it built and shipped out in no time. Work FANTASTIC. If other companies would have the customer service mentality of CCM this sport would be in a lot better shape.
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thank you bill mel and rod the T2 shot like butter this weekend and thank you again for lunch on friday and accommodating us on our visit
up there !!!! see you guys at big game!!!

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Out of all my markers my S5b is the only one I will never let go of Even my T2 doesn't hold a place in my heart like that S5. Great shooting markers and great products from an awesome company.
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CCM's customer service is grade A. And there are only a couple other companies that hold that rating with me.

Thank you guys!
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