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Finally finished my Series 5 - Hard Anno'd and Dusted.

So - after a lot of help from Mel at CCM - I am finally done with my 'Box o parts' Series 5.

After many markers, reviews, and a few gifts from Bill at CCM (the body for Christmas two years ago) and a box of parts - I have built up a Series 5.

Here is what it looked like when I started bodging things together -

I did not like the fit on the reg and the back block I had:

So I did some machining:

Here it is now that it is back from Anno with the last parts put on - note the RARE Dust Black Deadly Wind Barrel from Colin (anno by CCM).

Everything matches and the marker was +/- 2 over the Chrono with bad paint this morning:

Tell me what you think...

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I said it before and I will say it again. This marker sexually excites me.
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*izz in my pants...
TF did Jim Jr/Sr do the hard anno?
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I love it, but I prefer the the S5 body style!!!
Originally Posted by Talfuchre View Post
I will lock this damned thread up if anyone posts that disgusting picture I saw once.
It like the CCM version of Two Girls One Cup.
I will ban folks.... I swear.
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gorgeous. nicely done!
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Awesome the body color and how the black sets it off.

Very nice.

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Very nice! I like how you machined the reg. Fits the marker lines beautifully.

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very nice work done on her tf !!!
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Autotriggerhappy. :)
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That hard anno looks real nice.. And even a matching deadlywind barrel! Nice work!
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Okay.... its not fair that you get to have a dust finish deadly wind!
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