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But seriously. I've been following the other thread, and I'm damn impressed.

Originally Posted by Bunker-Monkey View Post
The hardest part about a zombie apocalypse would be pretending I am not excited.
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Looking nice, keep up the great work.

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Very nice work! Do you anticipate these being a limited run or regular production?
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This is going to be cool. Anyways, load up on cheap First Strikes...this was posted over on TPB.
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How do I turn this on?
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Originally Posted by Silver View Post
/discussion until further specs posted.

besides, who needs to know anything other than the fact that it's shiny?

...And made by CCM....And looks amazing...and is a freaking sniper rifle...
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Originally Posted by Spider! View Post
I'm gonna pop some aggs.
Only got 20 rounds in my pocket.
I'm huntin'
Looking for some cover,
This is ****ing awesome.
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Looking good!
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DO want...will watch!
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So it looks like the lower receiver and stock will be a one piece design? Looking good!
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Subscribing (and possibly drooling a little)

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