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Oh dude, believe me, I am, and I haven't even seen it yet. Just something about it. The silver one is gorgeous, but red and black are more my colors I think.

There she is, in case anyone else is curious lol
And sorry if I jacked your thread spoon, as I said, it was this thread that inspired me to make the move on it.

EDIT: and it! You won't be disappointed, CCM's are the best. Period.

EDIT AGAIN: If I could just get my hands on a red carbon fiber pump handle, I would be set!!! Saw someone with a red S6 that had a red carbon pump handle the last time I was at the field, and fell in love with it.

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No worries on the thread jack. I'm glad I could provide some insight and I'm glad there's some good discussion going on.

You really can't go wrong with any CCM purchase.

I would also like to try out a carbon pump handle...not sure how I would like it...but I am definitely curious.
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Originally Posted by CCM CHICK View Post
Yours is ready, you just need to call me.
If you see a 20 diget number, that would be me. Out of country, but there should be no monetary charge on your part.
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My S6.5 got here yesterday and, wow, shes a beauty . Being an unimaginative sort mine is all dust black. I've collected a few enhancements waiting for her (i.e., hitman handle, Dye sticky grip Black, and a Dye locklid modded Winchester 50 rnd hopper. Also, I modded a debris shield like Magas'). I'm waiting for a couple more from CCM. I can hardly wait until I can take her out to a field to test her out.

I will also, make my own custom carry bag/pack. I'll post pictures of that soon.

Thanks CCM and Mel.

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Magical V's Mechanical ? Could you please elaborate a bit more Spoon?

I understand the "Mechanical" for the T2 ( very appropriate description also) but there is a few guys over here interested in the 6.5 ....."Magical" is a little hard to understand the difference.

Oh and curse you this is not helping my wallet at all.
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Having shot said 6.5 and owning a T2, I was surprised at how much smoother the pump on the 6.5 was. Not to say that the T2 is rough by any means, but the 6.5 is exceptional. Some brethren of mine have complained about inadvertently torquing the pump on the the T2 while in stressful situations and it binding a bit. With the 6.5 if you torque its just the slick guide rod riding inside the slippery delrin pump. With the T2, if you torque, the two pump arms can drag a little bit where they pass through the body. So, i just dont torque, but thats what the 6.5 affords you.
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With the mechanical vs magical thing. If you've ever felt an S6, you know the feeling. Amazingly smooth it seemed as if the pump stroke maintained it's weight the entire pull through. The T2 had a nice stroke, but, it was "mechanical" (very light until it engaged the hammer) and in my eyes, I would rather have a "magic :P " pump stroke like the S6 had, but on a half block.
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I just LOVE that red color, its the best gloss red I've seen on a gun.
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Originally Posted by Tracker View Post
the issue your speaking about is the macro fitting bumping into the trigger guard?

the issue isnt with the reg its the vertical adapter, the one on the T2 is about a 1/4th of an inch longer.. i have a ccm reg that dates back to 03, and the peices are interchangeable with the current regs, thus the air lines go in at the same spot..

i have a 6.5 with the new fitting coming in tomorrow, ill take a pic, and let you know if the new fittings provide clearance

the new fittings do not clear the trigger guard, they get close, but they still contact.. im getting some pics uploaded, and will edit them in shortly... do the admins here still hate pictures larger than 800x600, or have they programmed in an autosizing macro? (nope no autosizing here.. ill get these resized in a sec)

here goes nothing

sorry the colors are so funky on the last one, i snapped the picture before i adjusted the settings on the camera. on the rest of the pics i took, there was nothing similar, so i did what i could with what i had...


^And i did it while wearing a helmetcam^ in 1080P HD if you need proof
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Why won't those fittings fit other regulators or asa? I have a aka 2liter and really want those fittings for it.

That red black is sexy.... I'll probably get one that's exactly like it lol.
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