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as far as the rams, three ways, and lprs i'd recommend either a complete ccm front block with all the pneumatics and on my s5 they're the best you can have on a ccm gun way better than WGP pneumatics. if you cant find them then i would definitely say palmers pneumatics are really close if not better than the ccm pnues. when you look for a ram you should look at how snappy it is if its snappy it's gunna feel extremely crisp when you shoot it. i also hear really good things about ans rams if you dont have a big budget. so look for ccm, palmers, or an ans ram (i'm not sure how good their whole front block is but their rams are suppose to be really good). if i'm not mistaken on the ccm ebay website you can still buy front blocks and LPRS.

good luck finding an undrilled j2 body

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You may be better off buying a J2L body, or a whole gun and part/trade the frame, and setting it up w/ the slider frame and Pneumatics. It would be pretty amazing and likely easier to pull off. CCM, Palmers, and Belsales pneus are what I recommend.
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Originally Posted by GtrLvr View Post
Wow, they have 86 slider frames? Damn you, now I want one.
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Wow what a great looking J2. Undrilled J2's can be found from time to time but expect to pay a premium. I'm not sure if the J2L's integrated vertical asa can except the timing rod without some type of modification.
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