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Quick Question

Just got my ccm t2 today and love it. My questions is how do i make the pump stroke smoother? When i pump the handle it wont retract all the way unless i pull it forward. I think it has something to do with the harm handles but not sure? anyone have advice? Was thinking a little lube on the arm maybe where it goes into the t2 CCM logo?
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I always put a few drops of Tri-flow on my T2's main pump guide, on both guide rods (at the location you said), one drop on the hammer and one on the bolt prior to a day of playing. It keeps everything moving nice and smooth. Notice I said Tri-Flow and not some grease or oil - big difference.

While my T2 didn't exhibit that exact behavior that you're describing when it was brand new, I did hear a little bit of a grind sound at the pump rod guides. I attributed this to it being brand new and a dust anno'd body. After a day of playing and me screwing around the house with it that sound went away and everything is now a glassy smooth action. I imagine that there was a little bit of lapping that took place inside the pump arm guides that smoothed everything out over a little bit of usage.

Long story short: Give it a little Tri-Flow, pump it, play with it, and give it a chance to break in.
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Is it new or used?

If it's used, it's possible that you need to adjust the two torx screws on the "back block".

I would loosen them like a half turn, then while the handle is in the "pumped" position, just alternate between the screws and tighten them up a little at a time. If you keep the tension on them even and the pump arm is back they should line up and stay lined up. If it's new, it should be quite well aligned already.
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If all else fails please feel free to call us directly, we’ll be more than happy to help.
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I use a real thin layer of slick honey on the main pump guide.
Works wonders.
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