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my t2 was always supersensitive to dirt in the lower tube. Playing snake in the mud here just doesnt happen.

if its that big of a deal, dont buy a half block
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Yeah, I think that is the correct answer.
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I've never had any issue out of mine. I play with it 98% of the time. Large scenarios, speedball, woods rec play, it's seen it all since I bought it, which was a week after it was announced.
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No problems with my T2 or S6.5 and I use them all the time. I also try not to get them covered in dirt and mud so I can't speak to how they would react, but word is they can be a bit sensitive to foreign matter in the exposed areas.
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Expect a fix to this in time. I think a fluted hammer or an eclipsed hammer will solve this issue.

With that said - I have owned both T2 and S6.5 and had this issue once. It happened when I played in sand. Sand plays hell on all markers.

Here is my thinking - if you want an all around great marker - buy a S5 or S6. The S6 is 8 ounces lighter than the S5.

If you want the racehorse model - buy a S6.5. I you want the ability to change the top tube - buy a T2.

I, personally, would not worry about woodsball with your marker - I play in the woods often with my S6.5 without issue.

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