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I agree with you it looks nicer. BUT, when your on the field you want the the marker that is the easiest to kill with. I find that on the airball field, the s6.5 is better suited to the snapshooting battles.
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I would say it all comes down to preference.

Pump stroke is going to vary on multiple factors. Some say there's binding on the T2, but I keep the marker clean and I lightly slick the pump rods with slick honey.

Try and see what you truly like.
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If you want the most basic CCM marker - buy the S6. It is, in theory, just a souped up sniper. Like a stock car is JUST a souped up sedan.

In my opinion, it is, out of the box, the best a sniper can be. If had to only own one - it would be a S6.

Buy a T2 if you want to be able to change the top tube. There is so little difference between the S6.5 and the T2 that this is the major one. I don't see a smoothness difference.

The S6.5 has the same bottom tube of the T2 as well as nearly the same bolt. The difference is milling and dual rods. I like the 6.5 over the T2 - but that is merely preference.

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This question again.

All CCMs are gonna have a ridiculously smooth/light pump stroke. If that is honestly the only thing your looking for in a pump gun make a pump mag as the pump stroke is almost non existent.

The T2's pump stroke is a little shorter. Some people say its lighter but i cant tell. Get which ever one feels better in your hands.

And yea CCMs are pretty much just glorified, pretty snipers.
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Thanks guys. I play airball but a full-block isn't something that bothers me. I don't really have anywhere to try them out though, so that's the deal. Does CCM go to living legends?
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for your huge hands buy a 86 frame and some hogue grips
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Im sure there will be ppl at LL that will have some type of ccm. I know when I bought my first ccm not too long ago. I fell in love with it from the first time I picked it up.

Keep in mind I went from a '99 sniper 2 to an s6. Huge differance in the weight alone there. Also as pointed out by every one. Pump stroke is smooth.
For frames. I really like the 86* frame. It feels more natural to me but it feels a bit thin as well. Wrongbloke point out some wood grips that he has on is S5.
They fill out the hand rather well.

But in the end its all up to your preference.
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I'm going for the .86 frame with Hogues. I LOVED my hogue grips on my phantom and the .86 frame looks the best in my opinion.
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