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Need some works info

Just looking for a bit of information on Works autocockers. I picked one up, but it's not exactly what Im used to.

It seems to have all the right bits, but no serial number under the trigger or on the body.

The back block doesn't have the notch into the body like the other Works that I've seen.

There is no Works logo engraved on the body.

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WOW I like that.

That has a CCM double hinge frame and what looks like an S5 back block.
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Mine was the same grey anno, but had a single trigger and the notched back block. I regret ever selling that one. I had a clear CCM pump kit on it, and it was heaven to shoot.
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i found a raw body much like that one with the "W" on one side but the more scalloped milling with the flat back block. i was told by a collector that it was the newer run of works bodies since the older ones had P blocks. either way i am getting mine annoed and turning it into a nice little sniper. hold on to that one there since there are few like it. may have been a prototype milling before they started making it for production
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I'm pretty sure the rounded scallops on the body were part of the second generation of works autocockers. The first ones were more squared off on the edges.

It's nicely put together and the Sanchez barrel matches well. The back block is cut correctly on the fake pump slot side, so not a stock series 5 block though it's definitely milled similarly but fixes the strange bolt length issue of most works bodies.
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Check this out. Lots of pics of different Works

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