CCM Chipley Machine

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I thought it also looked like someone painted it but then it was later removed, it would be almost impossible to get all the paint off with the dust finishes texture. I thought it looked funny because in some hard to clean areas the green is much heavier, I saw it for sale but was skeptical on the custom anno or shenannigans, would be neat to know its story. My brain is seeing a story like this.

A kid wins it at the game, but doesn't like the ninja garbage blacktop finish and paints it green. Then someone buys it, cries tears all over it because it was raped and painted, and uses said tears to polish it off over many sad hours of histerical crying and screams of sorrow and much much scrubbing indeed.
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Any chance that could be a lot of leftover paintball residue? I have seen hits turn dusty like that over time.
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looks like an overspray of spray paint.
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Originally Posted by PsychoDad View Post
This gun seems to be coated in green sparkle somehow. It looks different in different lighting. I thought it was part of the anno, and it definately is on there really good. Did you say it came in dust black from CCM? Hmmmmm.
perhaps try acetone or some kind of paint thinner.. it shouldnt hurt the actual anodize layer.. cause its not paint.. should be some resource somewhere for what kind of thinners can be safely used on annodized surfaces


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Well then... It's time to strip some green **** off. I'll post pics when it's finished. Thanks for all the info.
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Acidrain has some good info on pbn.


Originally Posted by acidrain View Post
Soap and water for dirt. If there is sticker residue or something like that, solvents like paint thinner or WD-40 are safe, but avoid strong acids like vinegar or alkalies like ammonia (windex, etc).
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