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i get north of 200 rounds with my 13ci on all of my CCm's, i run it on my 6.5 a lot with reg extenders as well. I also run a 22ci tank, that will get 425+. I would say the 13ci is good for 220-250 shots, but there can be variations depending on the tuning and speeds your shooting at. My 6.5 is untouched out of the box besides a little velocity adjustment and it has never ran out of paint on me with 3 50rnd pods in my 5/50 pack, and 60 rnds in my Locklid equipped Winchester. I dont usually carry more paint than that but i will usually always have some air left when i refill. you can get a good variation depending on the 3k fill, there is some room for variation on a lot of fillstations (valved setups, regulated fullstations are not as bad) and on such a small tank it can create 40 or 50 rounds more or less from one fill to the next.
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Hmm... Pooty-moded CCM bolt, huh? Might be able to get a couple extra shots with my 13cu. Will need to contact him, because I am barely getting 200 shots on a full tank.

I found my Ninja 13cu to be a tad on the short side, so I added a NDZ inline on/off. Gives it 1.5 inches more, plus it has the added bonus of having an air bleed:

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I sold my T2 this week and haven't had air to test it out... So I cant say for sure that it will help or not. Maybe i can find somebody local with a t2.
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i used my friends S6 with my 13ci and got about 220 usable chronoing at 275fps
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Any updates on shots on a 13/3000? Im looking at buying one and using a stick feed.
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Make sure the ASA is already on and fill it on the gun. It is has to be filled fully. That is the most important thing. If so, 200-225 is about right. I get about 2 SureShots out of each fill.

I am looking to start using a stick feed also. Did you make your own feed or buy one?
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Originally Posted by mrmag11 View Post
On my T2 with my Rotor, I would get about 300 shots per tank, give or take.

What am I doing wrong? I get 110-120 shots with my T2 and a 13/3000. 300 shots?! wow!

I've got the reg set right at 250psi, and use the IVG to keep it at field speed. I do underbore my barrel, thinking that would be more efficient. Maybe to much underbore? I've been using the CCM .677 sizer for .681-.683 field paint, or a brass .678 insert on my Deadly Wind (tymcneer's) It's usually crappy paint BTW (FPO field)

I've always just thought that 110-120 shots was fine off of a 13/3000. I just run a sport shot hopper, and when I'm out of paint, I'm also out of air...

Anyone with any ideas? Thanks
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Sounds like they are not filling it all the way. Next time you have it filled, wait a minute or so and ask them to top it off again. The guy that fills mine, fills it then waits a little bit and tops it off. Seems to work good. I have a S6 and get around 200, -+ 10.
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I also get 150 or so shots on my t2 with a full fill on my ninja 13 3....
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