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T2 or a S6.5? help me decide!!!!

hey yall, i plan on placing an order this winter for my pump. but i can't decide if i want a T2 or a S6.5. i've owned a S6.5, but never actually used it in a game(had to sell for financial reasons).

so please list the pro's and cons of each

try and keep an open mind. and try and limit your input if you're not an owner of either. thanks for your help!!!
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I've owned 3 different T2's and loved all configurations. I especially liked how the thin framed 45 felt with the T-handle on the T2. I recently ordered a S6.5 with EZ grip and 86 frame. I am not sure how well I'll like the S6.5's feel but I love the way it looks. To me, the biggest difference is a single pump rod versus two. They both should perform similar, and I guess it's all about which style you like best. Some people say that the S6.5 feels better but it's all opinions. You can't go wrong with either one. I just wanted to try something different. I looked through many pictures to help my decision. Good luck, it won't be an easy choice.
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Why limit yourself to one? Gun whore for life brother

Can't speak for the s6.5, but the t2 with 86 grip frame and a 50ci makes a super tight marker. I think it was TF who did a spec comparison of the ccm offerings, if you haven't already, check it out, it helped me a fair bit with my choice
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6.5 with thin 45 frame
my feedback
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Both feel really nice but I much prefer the look of the T2 as that will be ordered hopefully after the new year.

I went by feel and I was feeling the T2 more then the s6.5, not that s6.5 is a bad marker but just not my tastes.
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this was brought up a few months ago, ill repeat now, what i had to say then

as a owner of both, i can tell you they shoot the same

it really boils down to whats most important to you, if its smoothness, get the 6.5 (less metal on metal, and single rod so half as much being used to cock the gun)

if its modularity, then go for the T2, if you can afford it/feel like it, you can buy newer, different parts (as long as you get a simple color like black, and clear, pretty much impossible to mess up a color match), you can change the feel of the whole gun, simply by buying a couple parts, you dont have that with a 6.5

and its really about that simple


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Buy one and never look back ...
Originally Posted by Swiftbear View Post
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The T2 is gonna be an early gift for me once I order it.
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