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It'd be cool if the nose of the bolt was small enough to fit inside of the skirt. would probably be more efficient that way.
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Originally Posted by Bigtuana View Post
I would imagine the FS would jam because of it being polar and wanting to tip having its nose down.
They're magazine fed, so it'll be no different from a Tiberius or TPX with First Strikes.

As for the centerfeed thing, those are two separate breeches pictured above. One is a a "centerfeed" breech loader, the other is a mag loader from the left. They aren't the same.
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After seeing this post I desided to go with a T2 over the 6.5.
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Steny! Very cool.
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Sure come up with this now just as I'm getting good at breach feeding fs rounds in a moded t2. This will make the follow up shot alot quicker.



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I'd definitely rock a mag fed t2.

If the mag well is taken off could first strikes be loaded through the side?
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This is why I went with the T2. I want!


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Any chance that should this project really take off that something of this nature would be available for the new "prototype" marker?

I dont own a CCM, but the prototype did peak my interest. I would love to grab a two for one at that time, if possible.
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Yet another reason to go after a T2...
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