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T2 issue

The issue that I am having is there is a 1/8 inch gap between the blot sled and the rod guides built in the body. I don't know if it is an issue with the autotrigger not letting the rod push all the way forward? But when I loosen the bolts holding the sled to the rods it closes the gap all the way until they get tight.

Background info: I had about 50% of the marker re anno'd and I had new pump rods put on by ccm. I didn't send them the whole marker just the pump plate and handle. And there was not a gap when I put the marker together about 6 months ago I played a few games and cleaned it up then put it in my case pull it out today getting ready for a few up coming games and notice the gap?

If anyone could help I would owe them a thousand, the marker does fire with the gap its just and eye swore to me. Maybe its me being to picky but I would like to get the gap closed and I am open to try others ideas.

I can post pictures if needed just ask.

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What is stopping it from going all the way forward? The Auto Trigger arm?

Pics would help on this one.

Post as many as you think are relevant - more is better.

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Or call Rod direct.

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