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Originally Posted by Talfuchre View Post
Disagree Artguy. A friend of mine ran his S6p (SS-25 with different milling) regulated on 12 grams and used to get about 30 shots per 12ie.

I have found they are just as efficient as S6's - or the difference is so marginal as to not be noticed.

my buddy has a 25 that when i was playing with i think a j2l or s6, the s6 was very slightly more efficient. i agree its not a huge amount, but it is there.
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Originally Posted by Inferno View Post
The SS-25 is a mini body, this means the lower tube has been cut down shorter and the air runs through the banjo into the vert asa. The ss-25 is the only mini CCM ever made, the rest are all full bodies. Now, markers like the s6.5 and T2 are halfblocks. This means the top tube has been cut down about halfway. People commonly refer to the SS-25 as a "full body" when it is actually a mini body and full block.
would that mean that the efficiency would be somewhat similar to a s6.5 or T2? or are different internals used in the newer guns?

I heard someone say that the only internal difference in the 25 apposed to the s5 was that the 25 could run on co2 and the s5 could not. is this true?
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I think all of em will shoot on c02. Just crappy cuz it's c02

My ss25 tuned got 150-200 shots on a 13 iirc
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The SS-25 was a mini Bodied Cocker with a Spyder valve installed in it.

The S5/6 was a cocker bodied marker.

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