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smaller tanks setups...

wanted to make my S6 (86 Frame) lighter and smaller setup. I am running a 68/45 right now but thinking about picking up a 13ci 3K tank or a 50/45 peanut tank, what do you guys use on your ccm?? just wanted to get a feel for what you guys carry.
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I sometimes use a 13/3K, but have to fill after 1 or 2 games. If I am playing a few games I will use a 45/4500. I like the 45/4500 more than a stubby 50 cause it fits my arm better.
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I use a Ninja 50/4500 on my S6. It shoulders (on both) nicely, is light, and a GA 48/45 cover fits it perfectly.
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I don't use a CCM currently, but I am in love with the weight and size of my Guerilla 48/4500. Gives me enough air for any of the guns I want to run without weighing it down. Sadly the 45/48/50ci range of tanks is pretty much as small as fiber tanks go, and IMO 22/3K's are too long/bulky while 13/3K's don't have quite the capacity I'd like. Of course, I play mostly scenario games so my gear gets selected based on ability to stay out on the field longer without reloading/refilling, so if you play mostly tourney or recball you might find the 13/3K adequate.
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Not sure how you plan on shouldering your marker with a 13ci tank considering the beavertail will be in the way big time.. You cant get as tight with a full block marker as you can with a halfblock like say the 6.5. I think you should keep the 68/45 you have, thats what i use and just have enough clearance while wearing dye i4s. Plus im sure you can play all day on one fill like I can, hope this helps.

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I usually use a 13/3k and an app 50 round hopper on my s6.5. I carry 2-3 50 rd pods in a pbmafia 5/50 pack.
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I use my Crossfire 45/4500. Lasts a good little while for me. Comfy too as it doesn't bring the gun too close to my head but it's not way out there either.

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I have 13k never use it on my ccm, I greatly prefer my 50/45. 13 just doesn't feel as good on the shoulder, the 13 is longer than my 50 also. If you have a minor macro line leak 13 can run out mid game, 45 or 50 lasts all day and more to play with at home.
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I love my 50/4500

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I suppose it really depends on what you're playing and how much you shoot.

Tourney field Vs. pumps I'll rock a 13ci and a app 50rder, bush or Vs. electros I'll run a 50/4500 and a modded sportshot because either I'm too lazy to walk back to get air mid game or cause I'm going mental on the AT.

Like Inferno said, it might be a little awkward using either a 13 or a 50ci tank with a beaver tail. Then again, you might like it, you can only try
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