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I've been doing some home anodising, and what Keys_JR said is correct. To re-anodise the marker the original anodising has to be removed with sodium hydroxide, and it will eat away some material. Howmuch depends on the thickness of the anodising layer, and sometimes it will take a few soaks in the stripping bath to get rid of all the old color.

I work as a CNC machinist, and have measured size differences up to .002" between original, and stripped and re-anodised. Some layers are very tough to remove so you have to strip alot of material off. (so it could be much more)

As for the lasering, that will have to be repolished. Any speck, smut, dent or inperfection will show after anodising and the surface has to be perfect before even trying to anodise, or the sloppy work will show.

Surfaces that have tolerances on them, or fits can be masked prior to stripping and anodising, but these will stay the original color. It will raise the cost for anodising a marker, but that way any critical surfaces will stay intact.
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