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Originally Posted by hth View Post
Quick question:

Does a AA barrel provide a better sound signature (quieter) than a CCM barrel?
im not sure but the CCM barrel is pretty damn quiet
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lurker barrels imo. 40 bucks for a nice barrel. Its what I would use if I didnt get a dw barrel for really really cheap. The dw barrel is a 90 dollar holder for mediocre freak inserts. Also the stiffi c6 barrel is a nice barrel also.
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Originally Posted by Marathon View Post
I am not a fan of the new (3 inch) CCM barrel backs. They have a rough finish inside them. The barrel itself is honed and perfectly smooth, but the barrel backs are only roughly machined. I can feel and see imperfection on the inside of the barrel backs. I asked Mel about this and she assured me this is how the backs are supposed to be. I assumed that a step was missed during production but not honing the inner diameter is how the backs are made.
We have never honed our sizers, the barrels only.
Originally Posted by Bored383 View Post
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CCM offers a more than one barrel, barrel system.

They offer a barrel that does not accept their barrel back sizers, that is the one to get if you want to go with the TechT IFIT system. While it works to keep the paintballs from rolling out, the control bore is very short so it works more like a barrel sizer and less like an underbore barrel. That is to say it does not increase efficacy that much.

They also offer a barrel that does use their barrel backs (which are now a bit longer), these may a good choice if you are getting some fancy anno job, because your barrel will mach the marker and the sizer can be your accent color. That said, the Deadlywind is much lighter and the control bore on the Freak inserts is still 40% longer.

Call Mel at CCM, she can explain the options in more detail.

Good luck!

Myself, my T2 is dust black and I use a 10" or 12 Deadlywind Fibur. It looks and works great!
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I've been using an older stiffi switch on my T2 for the past couple of years and it works well. It's a little longer than my factory ccm barrel and it will work with the sizers that came with my ccm kit. Both drive nails, I just prefer a bit longer barrel for poking through the brush. Can't comment on sound signature since I'm deaf as crap!!
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Hey guys,

I got the pic of my gun! Looks great! Good Job CCM!Name:  image.jpg
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That looks great! I dont really like blue but the CCM blues with dust silver just look amazing together. Nice choice of colors, now you just need to deal with the anticipation of its arrival. That can be unbearable, i will quite often buy myself something else to ease the pain of waiting.
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I believe it comes tomorrow. Pls pls be tomorrow
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