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S6.5 Regulator Input Position

So I have an S6.5 and put a set of ccm air fittings on it. The reg was off center a little with standard fittings so I figured it just needed the ccm fittings to make it fit with the frame. Things didnt go as I thought they would and the fitting still interferes with the trigger frame. I had seen other 6.5s with the reg centered, did I just get an early one(it's sn# 016) that didn't have this option originally? Any info would be helpful. Thanks!
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CCM has a slightly longer upper reg body with a repositioned hole. Call Mel and she'll set you straight.

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You need a new top half of your reg if you want to be able to unscrew it without taking it off the trigger frame. All the older ccms are this way. Somewhere after 2010 or 11 maybe, they redesigned the reg hole lower. Tho it won't perform any better, it is easier to lube/ pressure test your reg..... I bought a new top half for my j2l reg. I was more then pleased with that gun
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