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MCB's CCM Forum member chip in to hire CCM's new 'Complaint Officer'.

We are very proud to inform CCM / DPM that they have a new person on board at their factory in California.

It has been clear for some time that CCM could use an extra hand around the shop - and to field complaint calls.

Meet Nick Oresko:

Nick has lead mostly a quiet life in Cresskill, NJ and is happy to come out of retirement to fulfill this position at CCM.

Bill was more than happy to accommodate Nick and set his desk up next to Mel's in the office.

After getting to know the lay of the land, Nick settled down to get to work. After four days on the job, Nick had not received a single phone call that was related to his job - and only one wrong number. Apparently the UPS man new to the route had not only gotten lost, but had crippled his vehicle by accidentally backing into a cement ditch near the CCM factory.

Nick stood up, excused himself politely from Mel's presence and and calmly walked out the front door (Mel noticed a slight limp in his hip at that time).

Some time later the UPS man walked in and helped Nick drop off all the packages he was carrying.

Nick went on lunch as Mel listened to the agog UPS man tell a story of the older man (Oresko) pulling the truck out with an improvised rope (made from bailer twine and some dental floss he had in his pocket, 'jacking' up the vehicle by hand (Apparently this truck had not been inspected in some time and was missing its mechanical jack, and putting on the tire (setting the bolts at 80 Foot Pounds with the swiss army tool he had in his jacket pocket.

Unfortunately Nick found this even to be a bit boring and thus asked Bill to "Relieve him of his post".

Bill later said "Nick was a great guy, his just thought his mission as accomplished here. He mentioned something about going skydiving later that day. Which is odd - because he told me earlier in the week how he never flys in planes."

Nick was seen later coming to the ground, his crescent chute in full flair, in the middle of a no-fly zone near an Air Base in Northern California.

Authorities are still trying to figure out how he got up there.

Nick arrived back in NJ later in the week after deciding to 'hoof it home'. "It got a bit dicey in Colorado," Nick said setting down what seemed to be a bearskin rug on his living room floor. "Brought this back for the little lady." He winked.

Thanks for all your help Nick - I guess we were trying to fill a need that just wasn't needed.

Mel was given this gift from Nick before he left. He figured this was the only tool needed to field complaint calls:


p.s. - Seems like I know that guy from somewhere. I know for sure his necklace rings bells. Just can't place him. He doesn't talk much about his past.
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Were you bored this morning?

We have only one request that is never heeded .lol
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Originally Posted by CCMachinist View Post
Were you bored this morning?

We have only one request that is never heeded .lol
I'll remember that if I ever get a CCM...

aka, when my name comes up on the J12 list.

For everything else. I end up being the guy who has to build it in the first place, sooo
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This is ****ing awesome.
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You are such a weirdo TF!!!
Originally Posted by Bored383 View Post
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