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View Poll Results: Would you buy Eclipse-style CCM feednecks?
Yes, I would definitely buy two or more! 5 14.29%
Yes, I would definitely buy at least one. 7 20.00%
I might consider buying one if they were produced. 4 11.43%
I own an Ego/Geo/Etek/Etha and I would NOT buy one. 8 22.86%
I don't own an Ego/Geo/Etek/Etha, of course I wouldn't! 11 31.43%
Voters: 35. You may not vote on this poll

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Petition for "Ego-Style" CCM Heli-Clamp Feednecks

For some reason I am able to have my favorite CCM Heli-Clamp feedneck on every marker I own which uses feednecks, except those which take "Ego" style feednecks. Clearly these feednecks sell, and are well loved, so why no option for the many markers which use Eclipse style feednecks? I'm sure more people would want feednecks for the Ego7+, Etek3+, Etha, Geo, or SL74+

I personally would buy a few if they came in the 1.5" NoRise style.

Please vote in the poll!

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is there any sort of licensing fee?
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I have never had a hopper come loose or break a neck for on an eclipse gun. I don't see anyone wanting to give up their lever lock for a tool-lock neck. Just my $.02.
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Anno doesn't match. Ego feednecks are really nice. EGos already has the lever and the thumb screw... Why would I spent the money on another feed neck?
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The only reason I would buy one is for a cocker that has had the ego feed neck mod done and even then I would try and find a planet eclipse one first bc of the lever lock
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CP sells replacement ego feednecks in a rainbow of colours. Why should ccm waste machine time trying to produce something the market doesnt need?

If the question is ego feednecks or J12s, there is no contest.
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Thought you where Petitioning to have some lever locks made up. Why would I change out a PE Clamping feed neck? I wish my PE one would fit on my T2.
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We appreciate your enthusiasm for our product line, however, there is next to no chance at all in the PE feedneck being done by us.

1. We simply do not have the machine time to keep up with our own product line at this point.
2. The demand from the consumer just does not warrant us to make them.

I am sorry to disappoint you, but please know we are ALWAYS open to suggestions from everyone.

Thank you,
Mel @ CCM
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An ICS better be higher up on the priority board Mel.
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Originally Posted by 92-yotaboy View Post
An ICS better be higher up on the priority board Mel.
The ICS does work very nice it will be worth the wait when you get one.
Originally Posted by Mar View Post
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I must have missed that memo

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