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I just had a similar problem to this. Call Rod and he will walk you through it. Most likley the oring in your reg needs lube. It was explained to me that something is up with the reg not allowing the proper amount of pressure to go to the gun. It is abnormal and not proper for the IVG to be turned in so far.
I lubed my oring last night and am hoping to test the fix soon. Thought i had paint but i dont. i'll probably run some reballs through it this weekend to see if it fixes.

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Just cleaned my reg and reapplied a light coat of DOW 55 (there was a heavy coating of clear grease in the bottom section!), set my reg to 350 PSI, and IVG to two turns in.

Proceed to chrono: can't get over 180. Slowly back off reg to 300 PSI (testing every 1/8 turn, once again, 300 by my not so trusty reg tester), screw in IVG to where it was (testing every half turn), and BAM! 290's. Only other possibility in my mind is a main spring issue. I have a spare I could swap it out with, but I am pretty skeptical that is the issue.

I may try calling Rod over spring break (being a teacher has its advantages!) and see if we can figure something out.
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I feel like your gauge is off on the tester.
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Honestly both my s6 and j2l are this way also, both regs are set at 325, both ivg's are screwed almost all the way in. I know it's not right but I've been playing with it like that for 3 months now.
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