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Unofficial (not CCM) SSR/SR-1/SSPAR Rear Air Tank Adapter Interest Thread

UPDATE --- 30 Jan '18 the first 25 units are all spoke for and shipped. (i own the 25th) ;-)

I have another 10 units inbound and should have them next week. (Also have another 10 in reserve).

I've cleaned up the list to separate those I have shipped from the remainder of folks who expressed interest.

!!! If your name is shown below on the "Interested" List and you no longer want one, please PM me and I'll remove your name. !!!

Every one else who wants one please PM me and send $67.00 via PayPal to Payment includes Priority / Insured shipping to US zip codes. For CAN and International I'll need full address so I can calculate any potential additional postage.


Thank you all for your interest and support of the project, it has been long process, it is your interest that helped me to see it through.


Screen Name ------ Status -------------- Original List Number

Spartucus ---------- Paid / Processing -- 20

Open ------- Open /Available -- 4

Bobby Diabolical -- Awaiting Payment -- 6

Fatboy ------------- Awaiting Payment -- 7

1shot1kill ---------- Awaiting Payment -- 10

Sfy03 -------------- Awaiting Payment -- 11

sixspeed2.3 ------- Awaiting Payment -- 13

Kapyrna ----------- Awaiting Payment -- 19

RobRuger ---------- Awaiting Payment -- 23

SNOOGAN --------- Awaiting Payment -- 27

Pistol Fury --------- Paid/Processing -- 29

Sfy03 -------------- Awaiting Payment -- 33

-- OPEN ------------- Cancelled/Available -- 31


Order of Transaction -- Screen Name ------ Status -------------- Original List Number

1 -------------------- Quick111272 ------ Paid / Shipped ----------- 14
2 -------------------- OkSoldier20 ------- Paid / Shipped ----------- 25
3 -------------------- dirtylittlemo ------- Paid / Shipped ----------- 26
4 -------------------- Phantom Mike ---- Paid / Shipped ------------ 28
5 -------------------- Kraken ----------- Paid / Shipped ------------ 9
6 -------------------- Kapyrna ---------- Paid / Shipped ------------ 2
7 -------------------- Kapyrna ---------- Paid / Shipped ------------ 18
8 -------------------- GIJake ---------- Paid / Shipped ------------ 21
9 -------------------- B+ Player -------- Paid / Shipped ------------ 16
10 -------------------- Crimson Death --- Paid / Shipped ------------ 1
11 -------------------- Rober Beyers (FB)- Paid / Shipped ------------ 36
12 -------------------- CASTRO PR ------- Paid / Shipped ------------ 32
13 -------------------- SniperZeroXI ------ Paid / Shipped ------------ 17
14 -------------------- SCPHANTOM 9195 - Paid / Shipped ------------ 35
15 -------------------- Navydoc ----------- Paid / Shipped ----------- 8
16 -------------------- Mangledmike ------ Paid / Shipped ------------ 15
18 -------------------- SFY03 -------------- Paid / Shipped ------------ 3
17 -------------------- JJron99 ------------- Paid / Shipped ------------ 24
19 -------------------- BMun -------------- Paid / Shipped ------------ 22
20 -------------------- XEESE -------------- Paid / Shipped ------------ 30
21 -------------------- Kurt Radnitzer (FB) - Paid / Shipped ------------ xxxx
22 -------------------- VENOM SNAKE ------ Paid / Shipped ------------ 34
23 -------------------- Fishy --------------- Paid / Shipped ------------ 5
24 -------------------- Deuce -------------- Paid / Shipped ------------- 12

OLD LIST (no longer Maintained) will delete after Feb 15

1. Crimson Death ----Paid / Shipped
2. Kapyrna -----Paid / Shipped
3. SFY03 -----Paid / Shipped
4. slappadapink
5. fishy -----Paid / Shipped
6. Bobby diabolical
7. Fatboy
8. Navydoc -----Paid / Shipped
9. Kraken ------Paid / Shipped
10. 1shot1kill
11. sfy03
12. deuce ------Paid / pending ship
13. sixspeed2.3
14. quick111272 ----Paid / Shipped
15. mangledmike -----Paid / Shipped
16. B+ Player -----Paid / Shipped
17. SniperZeroXI -----Paid / Shipped
18. Kapyrna ------Paid / Shipped
19. Kapyrna
20. Spartacus
21. GIJake -----Paid / Shipped
22. BMun -----Paid / Shipped
23. RobRuger
24. JJron99 -----Paid / Shipped
25. OkSoldier20-----Paid / Shipped
26. dirtylittlemo -----Paid / Shipped
28. Phantom Mikey -----Paid / Shipped
30. XEESE -----Paid / Shipped
31. -------- OPEN slot
32. CASTRO PR -----Paid / Shipped
33. SFY03
34. VENOM SNAKE -----Paid / Shipped
35. SCPHANTOM 9195 -----Paid / Shipped
36. RBye -----Paid / Shipped


Jan13 -- Adapters have arrived, see pics inline. Thank you all for you patience with this little project.

I will be shipping out for those who have paid as soon as the 1/8th NPT Orifice plugs come in, I expect them this week. The will ship priority insured w/ tracking number and I will PM you you your Track Number here ands well as emailing it to you via the address in your pay pal. Please make sure to put your MCB handle in the PP transaction :-)

Shown here is the adapter with the stock mounting screw and aluminum collar. You have to source the stock rail, castle nut and air fittings to finalize the installation.

Jan 3 2018 GOOD NEWS! Adapters are finished at anodizer and getting shipped out to me.

Production run is complete and I should have the shipping items in-hand by end of next week (Barring USPS brain-fade). I will have some photos to share tomorrow.

Adapter is anodized black and has the 2 ports as mentioned earlier.

Price will be $67 USD and will include Priority / Insured shipping to US zip codes. For CAN and International I'll need full address so I can calculate any potential additional postage. Please send Paypal Payment to

I will post here a list (with links) to the additional bits you need to finalize the install.

Thank you all for your patience, I was hoping to have them done by Christmas but the post office caused a delay in delivery and that resulted in missing the pre-holiday window for the anno shop.

Image of final production item. 2 ports, one left and one right. Will come with 1ea. 1/8th plug port filler, 1 stock-rail screw and 1 stock-rail screw bushing. Please notice I have added 2 stock-rail screw mounting holes, one in closer and one out farther.

Production Adapter.

Stock-rail Screw & Bushing


Notice in following photos:

1. Added a left & right port. You select the side you want air to flow in. Other side could be used for a gauge.

2. Added a screw hole at the bottom to permit for using standard Air-tank Stock Rail/adapter for 6-position stocks.

3. Final production run will be anodized black.



ASA Input

DEC 9, 2017 -- INFO UPDATE - Apologies for the crickets. I've been out of work and my attention has be focused elsewhere. That said, I expect to have an updated version in my hands on Monday. It was shipped to me last week priority but somehow US Pilferage Service figured out how to screw that up too. I'll post a pic as soon as I can rip open the box.

Thank you all for your patience, I think you'll like the small but functional updates to the unit.

LIST UPDATED ON OCT 12, 2017. 27 Units out of 25 requested.

I am taking the project forward to the next step. I plan to release pricing No Later Than Friday of next week (20 October).

If more people are interested they can still sign up until I place the firm order for the production run.

Thanks you all for your patience, been out of work for a little while and focused on landing a new job.



This is an interest thread. If you would like one or more of these rear air adapters please simply make a post with the word "Yes" and the number you would like.

Final end-user price will be dependent the quantity ordered. This is obviously going to be small quantity, made in USA order so do not expect MIC ebairsoft pricing.

Once 25 or more units are requested I will advise all of next steps.

The run will be made in one order.

Final payment will be due before I ship.

Time to ship to me from order placement is 4-6 weeks. I will ship to you within 1 business week of receipt from machine shop.

I will provide updates here.

I had a small number (5) of these prototype rear air bottle adapters made, 4 sold (the 5th is mine) and the feedback has been very positive. I've been getting more FB messages with each passing week asking me to make a run.

- CNC Machined 7075 Aircraft Aluminum - (MOAB proof)
- Anodized black to match the SSR
- Will have a small threaded hole at rear- bottom to attach butt-stock retaining rail similar to Milsig, T15 etc.

What you will need to complete the install:
- 1 AR15 Castle Nut
- 2 CCM right angle macro-line adapters.
- 1 length of macro-line
- 1 CCM SSR HPA adapter
- 1 1/8th NPT Right angle M/F "elbow"


SSR Left Side:

SSR Right Side:

Adaptor Detail:
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I'll take one.
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I'm in for one.

Thank you for making this happen. Pretty sure it was you that mentioned it at Dominion 2016 and i have wanted to make one myself since.
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So, and I hate to be that guy especially when we were so close, I'll have to reluctantly back out of this deal. I honestly just don't need it anymore. Sorry to all the guys currently waiting for the magic number.

Lou if you wouldn't mind, can you take me off the list.

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Interested in one if you're willing to ship to Canada.

Thank you
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I'd be in for one, shipped to the Great White North.
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I will take one for sure
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Sign me up for one....( fatboy )
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Crimson Death, Kapyrna, Grizzywhoa, slappadapink, fishy, Bobby diabolical, Fatboy.

All updated, I'll check back in tomorrow night, to update any new requests.

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I will take one
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