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Here we go again...
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J2L value

I had posted this for sale quite some time ago, then found out my nephew was getting into paintball so I was going to give it to him. He's infatuated with the current latest and greatest, so this went out to pasture.

I see there is a new J2 coming out, but I'm curious to know if this still has any value based on the offers I got when it was for sale. This is a J2 from the original second run; probably 10 or so years ago. Absolutely flawless, all three "C" jewels on the 'Ultralight' style barrel with 4 sizers. The 'Hitman" backplate is a CCM version that I don't think ever made it to market. I'm not currently looking to sell, just wondering if this has yet made it to the classic realm. Comments?
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CCM is taking custom orders for the J2 now. Not the best time to sell it. A collector may pay more but it won't bring what it use to. Keep it, and shoot it!
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it may take your nephew a few years to appreciate this : )

Your J2L looks to be in excellent shape and I don't see many with that sweet matching barrel in that anno

while the new J2 is also a very nice marker with the option to go mech, I feel the J2L is still unique and shouldn't be a direct comparison

As far as value goes, 750-1150 depending on the buyer. I do consider the J2L a modern classic so I am biased
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I think it was a classic from the start. Just that fact that CCM only made 100 of these should prove that they are a collectable in this mass produced world. Look at Shocktech selling out orders before they even complete the runs of the new markers they are making.

Also, I still have this.
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