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the one you love.

personally, i'm lacking one of those right now.
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They all shoot phenomenally and you would be hard pressed to tell the difference if you were blindfolded and handed one to shoot.

Go based on what you think looks best. They all shoot great.

I, for one, am in the minority it seems when I say I absolutely hate full blocks. Lol. Love half blocks and the ability to keep the gun tucked up close to my face without smacking my lense with the back block.
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Thats a good point with the half block models. I played at the local field today & found an old CCM employee that had 6 different CCM's in his bag plus 2 other guys that had theirs laying on the table. I'm not gonna lie I fondled ALL of them HAHA
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I perfer full block markers. I have a Stock Class J6, Open Class T2F, and a Works Cocker.

Just Pick one you like the look of. They all shoot the same. Can't go wrong with a CCM marker. New or Used there great!
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The correct answer is a prototype midblock, of course
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Some folks say the full block CCMs are quieter, but that's about the only difference function-wise. Then there are little things like type of detent, reg style, etc...

They're all good man, for reals.
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My T2 is my go to marker. I have used an S6 and an S6.5. Both worked amazingly well, and I selected the T2 because I wanted to tinker with it >:-)


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T2F in my eyes.
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its hard to pick jus 1... my go to is my SS25 and my J2L...
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Originally Posted by freedom View Post
Wait, where did my money go?

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