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Originally Posted by JonnyDread View Post
Should we expect similar to OG C&J prices?
I payed $125 each for mine. I swapped the aluminum feed tube off My S5 sC feed onto my T2 cram and jam feed block. They all were threaded the same. Expensive feed but it fit my build perfectly and matched the Ano theme. They bring that because they are so hard to find.

Maybe offer some raw since CCM don’t offer gloss finishes anymore. I’m going to have to polish and reano anyway. CCI guys might be interested the CCM feeds to they will bolt right on a Phantom as well.
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Interested in one for a S5 in semi gloss black

Originally Posted by DyE 5³ View Post
The title is pretty self explanatory, just say you're interested and how many you'd want.

T2/SS-25/S6.5/J2(Spyder style feedneck w/collar)
1. DyE 5³------------(1)
2. frd333do33------(1)
3. freedom-----------(1-2?)
4. Jkoselka----------(1)
5. SniperPedik-----(1)
6. Mr Idiot Box-----(1)

S5/S6/CCM threaded feedneck (no screws)
1. BLachance75---(1)

Feed block and tubes
1. Mr Idiot Box------------(1 block, 2 tubes)
2. DyE 5³-------------------(1 set)

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Interested in one for my s6.5.
Hope this happens
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Sign me up for 2 cram n jams for a T2 and 1 set for feedblock and tube. Raw anno would be preferred. (all my CCM's are gloss)
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