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INNNN THE BEGINNING......................


"lol thats the best use of of a smiley ive ever seen hahaha" - $lug

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Pump Pimpin
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1 of 1 Polish Dark Brown J2L! Added a Lil Polish Purple and Dust Black!

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Just finished servicing and tuning my friend Patrick's CCM J2. My understanding is this is one of about 15 that had an experimental Lexan detent. As these were team guns and set-up as Cockers, the detents did not hold up to the rate of fire, so Jason went back to a wire detent. This one was saved from the scrap heap, modified to use a standard WGP detent and converted to a pump. Shoots darts, feels & sounds great!
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"This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster; an elegant weapon for a more civilized age." Obi-Wan, while showing a pump to Luke.

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CCM's First Strike Pump

This is DJ Matt's CCM First Strike pump. A couple of weeks ago I watched him get upward of 70 kills on the opening day of Lockdown's last scenario event in California.

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i've posted this once before, but it changed a bit, kind of a neat trick considering the anodize, the thick 45 turned into an 86, the reg shrunk, and the top tube got cut all weird

^And i did it while wearing a helmetcam^ in 1080P HD if you need proof
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from a frozen land
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Have to excuse the hand- dirty hands clean money lol
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Originally Posted by Mozak View Post
What you guys don't know how bad of a gun whore I am yet? Lol
Originally Posted by Josilk View Post the same, meaning of life is to play with all the toys not own all the toys

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CCM all the way!

Here is my current collection of ccm'sAttachment 51302

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I FREAKing Love My S6.5

I've always enjoyed my Dust Black & Dust Red S6.5 but with the Matching Freak Barrel, I FREAKing Love It!

New Barrel came with 7 Freak Inserts and Box
Marker pictured above sitting on top of its original box from the factory

But I Still Like it in its original Configuration (below) with 7 Dust Red CCM Sizers
WoodsBaller57...Playin' Pump with my New CCM J2 - Prototype #04!

I Love My J2 >>>

I TRUELY DESPISE what "Photobucket' has done to the forums.
They are Financially GOUGING individuals who have used the service for years or Killing Pictures and in doing so, Ruining the continuity of the forum.

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