CCM Chipley Machine

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If you build another I will buy it.
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I have put it in que to be assembled... when we have one it will go as an auction again.
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Will this one be dust or polished finish...?
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I hope it's polish...that would be really nice.....Ok now for my first impression of the first CCM pump that I know of on Guam:

Ok peeps...I posted in the other thread and I'll post here as well....I received my S6RF today! This is my first time to ever see, hold, shoot anything from CCM and I am impressed! Now I know what everyone means when they say CCM pump markers are soooo smoooooth......the gun is soooo light as well. Lighter than my Karni pump but but not as light as my Phantom VSC....almost. I aired it up with my Myth reg and used the .687 back (also came with the .681,.684, and .690) and shot some cheap kmart brass eagle monster balls. I can't believe how accurate it was even with those cheap balls. Too bad I don't have a chrono and won't be able to chrono till August when I start playing again. The grip is thin and I like the feel....almost like the 90 degree on my old G7. It feels like I'm holding the Ego of pumps. Personally I prefer DMs but it feels more like the Ego 7 I used to own....must be the thin body. I think the only thing I don't like about the S6RF is that the dust anno feels like I can scratch it up pretty easily. I'll try not to mess it up but hey if I need to dive I need to dive. This S6 needs to be out sniping people and not sitting on some show case so it will see some action...maybe even Xball.... Besides I don't think I'll be trading/selling this ever so long as I play pump which I hope will be till God calls me home.

My buddy was so impressed that now he is planning on getting one.....see Mel I told you I'm gonna convert people out here I can't wait to use it at the field...unfortunately it won't be till August when my team "506 Ballerz" enters a 3 man pump tourney and I begin playing again . So for now I'll just be shooting targets at the back of my house.

As for pics....well it looks just like it did on ebay so I'm not sure if you want to see the same boring pics again. But if you want me to put up pics I will. I might put my Vlocity Jr on it to keep up with the AT......
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