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Okay, I polished the rods and used a touch of Goldcup on it, and it seems to be fine until the oil starts to wear away, or is wiped off. Once the oil is gone it will start to squeek again slightly. I think I may have come across something that could be causing it or adding to it though. The pump rod seems to be slightly bent. Hard to tell when looking at it straight, but during the pump cycle it will raise the back block up slightly, then right after the gun cocks and you start to return the pump handle forward, the back block drops back down. You can see and feel this in the stroke, as well as see it drop at the AT arm. During the pump sequence, the back block hole for the cocking rod is pretty much centered around the cocking rod. After cocking and it drops, the cocking rod is now riding on the top of the cocking rod hole during the pump return.
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Check your AT arm where it connects to the pump arm. Is it getting any rub? That might cause your back block to move.

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Does'nt look like it. Can't see any spots of wear, and it looks to be sitting nice and parallel to the screw.
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If you want to check the pump rod for trueness, remove it from the gun, and do the roll test.
If the pump guide is bent even the slightest, it should be very obvious.
My Series5 developed this when I replace the stock pump handle mounting plate with a Hitman version. I just took some .000 steel wool to it just to remove a few machining burrs that were left behind.
If you're afraid to do that, some Mother's mag polish is safe enough, but will take a bit longer to get smooth.
Springs can make noises like that. Try it with out the spring if the problem persists. But please... Don't call me in the morning
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My main guide rod squeeks a ton when shooting left handed. Oh well.
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The only time I've ever heard a pump squeaking during the pump stroke it was because of the spring inside the pump handle was dragging against the side of the handle while pumping. I took it out to see the spring was a wavy S shape instead of the normal "straight" like when i put it in. I put in a new return spring, slightly shorter than the old one and the squeak went away.

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