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S6 Co2


I am hopefully going to be buying an S6 soon, and I was hoping that I could get some information about the gun's efficiency and gas usage. I have searched the forums, and have yet to find what I am looking for.

1) Is it alright to Use CO2 on the marker? I have air, but one or two of the fields I play at from time to time do not fill air. I have seen several threads about how it should or shouldn't work, but I have only read one forum member's first hand experience.

2) What sort of shot count could I expect from a 48/3000 tank? How about a 22/3000? All of the information I have read has been about 45/4500 or 68/4500 tanks

3) Is there any reason why no one runs any sort of drops on CCM's? I honestly don't know if I have ever seen any CCM markers with a drop on them, is this because the design does not allow it, or because it shoulders well enough without it?

Thanks, I will post some pictures when I purchase my marker in a month or so! looking forward to it!
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1) My teammate runs his S6 on CO2. He uses a 9oz bottle with no problems at all. We all bug him about it but he has been ensured by CCM that it is ok and after 1 season his marker performs just as nice as ever.

Here is a pic of his gun on CO2

2) The S6 is not particularily efficient. I believe it's set more to be consistent at the cost somewhat of efficiency. I used a 68 3000 tank and got enough shots out of it that I never really paid attention to air. This year I have switched to a 45/4500 (but I rarely can get more than 3000 fills) I expect to get approx 1 bag on a 3000 fill.

3) the lack of drops is a pball fashion. People these days prefer the gun to sit lower. Feel free to use a drop if you feel confortable. There is no reason that the marker cannot accept a drop.

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