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Mr Gullible
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ToyBox's toy box.

Even though the first time I played paintball was back around '90 with Splatmasters, I didn't actually buy my first marker until about two years ago. Thanks in large part to this forum, I've been able to get my hands on all sorts of cool little markers to play with.

Here's the current line up of markers I have.

This ugly beast is hands down my favourite marker to play with. I have about 50 hours of work into making it a closed bolt, mechanical, gas through grips air hog. It's currently out to be anodized. I figure that's the least I can do for a fave shooter.

After enjoying my mech Ion for so long, when Ed started offering pump conversions I jumped at the chance. This has become my main shooter. The click of the pump is actually louder than when it shoots and it's scary accurate.

It turned out I had almost all the parts I needed to make another mech Ion. This one gave me a bit of grief initially because I cut the internal hoses too short. My final solution to eliminate internal leaks mean this is going to be a pain to do any maintenance on in the future but it's nice to use for now.

At the end of last summer, I got to meet Dukie and traded for my DRV. It's only recently that I think I managed to perform proper maintenance on it.

My lineup has been missing a Phantom for too long. Picked this one up through Kijiji and really enjoyed the first game I played with it. Now I just need to get my hands on the parts to make it stock class so I can switch up depending on my mood. It needed a new TPC when I purchased it but has become my fave traditional pump.

This is a hoot to play with. I can only shoot right handed with it but the freedom of movement I get while playing is awesome. Now I just need to figure out how to reload it more quickly.

This is the only electro I've enjoyed playing with so far. It's an 07 that I snagged through CL when I needed some gear to play with while travelling for work.

I picked this one up, expecting to flip it quickly but my daughter put a 13/3000 and 50 rd hopper on it and named it Bobby. Now it's part of the family and I'll get in trouble if I sell it.

This was a gift from my Secret Santa last year and I've only played one game with it so far. Right now, it's being worked into a special project that I'm hoping to share within the next few weeks.

All of my markers can be seen at full resolution in my Flickr album.

I actually have a few more than this... just haven't bothered to photograph them yet. There are many more styles of markers that I'd like to make friends with in the years to come. A Bob Long MVP is the top of my wish list.
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Mr Gullible
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This is the marker that got me into tinkering. Bought it locally from a kid that never took care of it and got it working again with the help from the guys at Pinnacle. I didn't understand what a deal I had gotten when I bought it so when someone at the field made me an offer, I sold it on the spot. Since then, none of the pumps I've picked up have been nearly as nice.

Realizing I still wanted to play pump, I used the money from the sale of my blue beauty to pick up a brand new Empire Sniper. I also picked up a Q-Loader thinking this was what I wanted. The Q-Loader would only ever work while it was at home and being tested in my shop. I missed more field time thanks to the Q-Loader than all other issues combined. The Sniper also failed to meet my expectations but not as horribly. It was a nice enough marker but it always fell short when compared to the memory of the one I sold.

I also tinkered around with a Lightning when I owned a 3d printer. Ended up creating the tiki pump handle and making this a sweet little shooter. First time I had it at the field, another player made me an offer for more than twice what I had invested so I sold it. Don't really remember what I spent the money on... could have been hookers and blow... possibly just fancy dinners out... all that really matters is that it's gone.

I decided that I wanted to try an electro and traded the Sniper straight up for this bright red Vice. This marker convinced me that I do NOT like ramping and have no real desire to put that much paint in the air at any given time. It was fun to play with.

No story for this one... only time will tell if I made a good trade with this or not.

This marker is a big part of the reason I'm not likely to own any other products by Dye. I love how it looks and it was awesome to hold but working on it was a nightmare for me.

The trigger on the Resurrection is probably my fave of all the markers I've owned. Sold this to pay for my family to attend Spring Castle at EMR.

I tried building another pump. Still wasn't happy with it and traded her away. Traded the hopper separately.

Bought this cheap. Played a few games with it. Sold it cheap.

This was one of my more rewarding builds and had a lot of things going for it. I just never got comfortable playing with it so I traded it away for the next marker in this list.

This T2 is likely to be the last cocker based pump I own. It really was an exceptional marker with type 3 anodizing, inserts and an optional cram and jam feed. The pump stroke was one of the smoothest I've used but in the end, I was never as comfortable playing with it as I am with my Phantom or pump Ion. After going through an ordeal to get this maker, I parted ways less than two weeks after acquiring it.
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I like your stuff,similar to my own collection
If you ever get a 2011-current PMR it can be meched and Relay modded also but Ions are better
I'm not THAT Punisher!!
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nice collection Joe . That pico loader is still with me. Nice little loader though the door hinges are flimsy (cracked both on the door that was on it got a replacement from simon and one of those hinges has already cracked) but oh well just have to be careful. on reloading the mag pistol more quickly if you dremel out the opening in the top you could reload it that way by simply spinning the plug out of the way. Just a thought.

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Nice collection. Why was the Dye a nightmare? Cheers.
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Mr Gullible
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The previous owner of the Dye was particularly abusive to it and it needed a lot of work to get running again.

I will say that I learned a lot while working on it. In particular, I got to really focus on the ASA and learned what features I do and don't like in them as documented in THIS THREAD.

Fortunately, the electronics were all ok but I had an extremely difficult time getting it to hold air and tuning it to shoot any faster than 180fps. I don't know any other players that work on Dye markers around here so all my learning was restricted to what I could find online.

Once I finally had it working, I had come to dislike it so much that I just wanted it gone. Took a real loss on it when I traded it for a Crosmann 3357 (which ended up being another basket case but at least I like working on that one).
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