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Adam's Unreasonable Number of Nice Guns v3.0: A Lot Smaller, A Lot Mightier

UPDATE 1/2018: Downsizing going well. I've bought two guns and sold one. Progress.

I've been playing paintball since I was a kid. Now that I'm grown up on the outside, I can afford to collect all the guns I drooled over as a kid/teenager. I've recently downsized my collection to a more reasonable size, but rest assured, there are more awesome projects to come. I really would like to get a one or both 1.25's and a Flame, but I'm at the mercy of their owners (you guys know who you are).

Starting with the Intimidators. The first page has the really rare ones and the Rippers. As with most people that have been in the sport for a while, I don't consider anodizing alone an indication of rarity, (I draw exception for aurora plating which is not anodizing but a finish nonetheless). True rarity is in the milling. I've included the total number in existence beside each of the rare markers. Ripper 1's are indeed rare, but not as rare as some of the others here. There were 220 made including the prototypes. That number is likely far lower today, 17 years later.

1) Hellwood (1/12)

Don't let the total number fool you. This may be 1/12, but they are harder to find (for sale) than just about any other intimidator. It took literally years to hunt one down, then another six months to convince the original owner to sell it to me. Of all my intimidators, this was easily the hardest to get. In many ways, the Hellwood is the holy grail of intimidators. The team was based out of Paris and only three of them have ever crossed the Atlantic. There were 12 made for the team Hellwood Paris; more bodies were allegedly made but never surfaced. This particular marker belonged to Sam G, a player and tech for Smart Parts/GI. The body is essentially a Naughty Dogs without the paw print. Regardless of their opinion of its styling, no one can deny that it's one of the rarest guns in the industry.

2) Hellwood.... #2 (1/12)

I’m not sure this has ever happened in paintball.... but I got another Hellwood. This one with team Jersey and unique lasering done by the player. Placeholder Photo until it gets here.

3) NorCal (1/12)

Based on the Ironmen body, these were made for the Mama's Boys based out of the Bay Area. Only 12 were made and far fewer remain complete. I still have the original frame and internals, and, as you can see, it has the original stamped ASA. Most, if not all of these remain in the Bay area and IF they change hands, its locally. I lucked out getting one. It's going to be my next major restoration project. Matching empire frame, ironmen parts, the works.

4) Prototype Ripper 1 (1/12)

Prototypes can be distinguished by the dot behind the eye covers or the milling on the underside of the top tube by the barrel. This particular body actually has two dots behind the eye covers, a unique feature. The top tube milling is a little hard to see here, but it's there.

5) Redz Prototype Ripper 1 (1/12)

Called the Redz Prototype because it was factory ano'd like this for the owner of Redz at the time. Ironically there are no Redz parts on it.

6) Factory Prototype Ripper 1 (1/12)

The newest addition to the unicorn family. Mint condition with a few tasteful upgrades here and there. This prototype body is unique in that the dot usually behind the eye covers is up closer to the feedneck. It's also an incredible factory tri-fade.

7) White/Galaxy Prototype Ripper 1 (1/12)

"Don't you have enough Prototype Rippers, Adam?" No. No, I don't. **** you. I'll probably re-ano the parts on this one eventually, but it's looking good for now. Placeholder picture from the previous owner.

8) Omega Ripper 1

I got this body raw, brand new from Martin Hsu, the former Infamous team tech. The story is this was the last Ripper 1 body Jim Eaton milled, as such I've dubbed it the Omega Ripper 1 with a UV tattoo on the back of the frame. This one also has a Techna ECX, Assassins frame and Martin's infamous tadao tech board in it. I'll upload a picture once I get around to polishing the stainless "Omega" grips LNT Manufacturing made for me.

9) Ripper 1 Project
Dark Works Frame.

10) Ripper 2 Project
Assassins Frame.

11) Aurora Ripper 3

The new pictures do it justice. This is what Aurora plating was supposed to look like and this is the type of milling it is supposed to compliment. This is the second of two intimidators done in Aurora in existence. Aurora PLATING, (known elsewhere as PVD, or physical vapor deposition), is not anodizing, it's essentially metal (usually Nickel) coating that is run through an electrical current. It's very dangerous, risky, and expensive to do, but the payoff is huge.

12) Assassins Alias (1/3)

There are actually 12 Assassins Aliases, but the standard models are really just a color scheme so you never really know if it's authentic or not (like the Renditions). 3 were made with this lasering on the side. I managed to track down one of the original Assassins "cheater" boards to put back into this.

13) Prototype Species (coming soon) (1/1)
The prototype species body is easy to miss. It has some key spacing differences in the skeletal structure of the frog in addition to being about 1/4" longer than a standard body. When I spoke to BLAST, they were surprised one had escaped into the wild, it very well could have been the only one ever made like this, but is definitely the only species prototype that left the factory. They confirmed far fewer than 10 prototypes were made, but didn't have the exact number. The top tube on this one has been slotted to allow for easy bolt removal on the field. From what Zach (Long) told me, this was the hallmark of one of his friend's teams who did this to allow for easier tournament play. He only slotted 12 species bodies. This is likely the only prototype with the top tube slotting. Fun fact.

14) Prototype Ironmen (1/10)

One of only 3 prototypes I have seen surface anywhere. Supposedly there were 10 prototype bodies in total. Prototypes can be distinguished by the body's four windows compared to the production body's five. I got this one fresh from the vault of Terry Fong, one of the key employees at BLAST since the early 2000's. He kept it in great condition with the unique factory color and setup.
I've updated the ASA and HPR, but it is otherwise as I got it.

15) 2k2 Dragon (1/10)

Even people that don't like Bob Long know and love the Dragon, they're iconic. The first ten dragons ever made in 2002 had a very specific chrome/anodized finish as demonstrated above. The only other I have seen belongs to Terry Fong, the man whose idea it was to memorialize the original ten with this factory scheme in the first place. It was a very unique find. That fugly drop will be coming off as soon as I find a chrome replacement asa.

Here are the rest. These are mostly projects I have finished, all of them are production bodies.

16) Rising Sun Atomix A-Bomb

Caustic took my idea, as complex as it was and made it happen exactly as I wanted. The red rays are polished on a dust white background with red ccm fittings on the way. The new photos really show the dust/gloss contrast well.

17) Naughty Dogs Project
I liked my last ND, but I think I can do better.

18) TEXAS Storm

The new pictures finally show the detail in this thing. It's the subtle detail of the colors that really makes this one special. Some people say it's an American flag, which is fine, but it was modeled off of the texas flag.

19) Ironmen

It's a show-stopper. Completely rebuilt my old primary. I always loved the ironmen body style because it looks like someone put a lot of time, passion and effort into it's creation.

20) 2k2 Shocktech
Sporting an ultra rare dark works frame.

21) Tequila Sunrise 2k5 Shocktech

22) Rage Alias

Originally made for Toxic, but shelved. They were unshelved later and given to the D2 team Miami Rage. You can see the similarities to the toxic shocker the top tube milling. It's been overhauled a little bit on the performance side to be my new primary.

23) Russian Legion

This one almost seems plain next to the rest of my collection but this one has by far the most sentimental value. The first high end I ever got was a Russian Legion in this color scheme (thanks Mom). There were so many memories associated with that gun, but I eventually sold it when I got out of paintball a few years ago. When this one popped up (it's brand new, never even aired up) it wasn't even a question, I needed it. This one will be with me forever.

Small but Mighty Shocker Collection
Shockers and intimidators are two of the most well-made and widely loved markers ever; yet they are two of the most different feeling and shooting platforms out there. This collection is done. I will be narrowing this down to the two essential unicorns: pre-cup strange and the GMAX.

1) Pre-Cup Strange #4 (1/10)

Most people don’t know these exist, but they’re of a mythical status in the shocker/rare guns world. While they’re 1/10, they’re kind of like the Hellwood in that either no one knows where they are, or on the off chance you know someone that has one, there is a strong chance they will never sell it. The shocker community only knows he location of 4 of the 10 pre-cups. The story of the pre-cup Strange is this. At 2003 Cup, Smart Parts wanted to roll out the very first private label shockers for one of the best teams in paintball at the time, Detroit Strange. While we aren’t sure exactly what happened, we know they were in a rush to have something ready, maybe that explains the minimalist milling compared to the strange sft's that proceeded these. Whatever the reason or inspiration, they rolled out the pre-Cup strange shockers for the team on time. So, in addition to being the very first private label marker on the shocker platform, they were all team used and owned. The Pre-Cups were also some of the first markers to use the vertical max flo regulator which later became standard replacements for the old asa-located max flows and gas-thru grips of old. A very rare and very exciting piece to add. It’ll have its own white box session soon.

2) GMAX (1/10 Complete Markers)

The holy grail of shockers. The GMAX was CCM's prototype shocker that unfortunately never made it to production. Originally there were only 5, but if you check PBN with any regularity you know that 3 complete shockers and 9 raw bodies surfaced in a lot and were quickly sold, meaning the 1/7 is now a 1/10 with 9 other bodies out there incomplete. I'll be outfitting this with gloss red can and bolt guide to finish the scheme on a dust black base.

3) Elia Hustler SFT Shocker (1/1)

Not many people outside the shocker community have heard of the Hustler shockers. These were milled circa 2007 by Elia (same company that did the Viking milling). They were done for Georgia Tech players at the time, two were NXT bodies with "Hustler" on one side, and "GA Tech" on the other and were diet milled to the tune of being nearly 1lb lighter than the stock NXT. The third was a Freeflow SFT Body and was diet milled with "Hustler" on both sides. I'm not sure exactly how light the body is, but it's very close, if not lighter than my GMAX in terms of the fully assembled gun, (the GMAX is the lightest production shocker ever made, some Nummech bodies were lighter, but they were very limited production and not an official smart parts gun). It might be a future candidate for re-ano. I don't mind the anodizing as is, but it hides the milling.

4) “Punisher” Nummech UL Shocker (1/20)
A one off conversion with some custom additions. This one was made for me, and I'm in the process of building it. It'll be the same body style as the UL above, but with a 90 degree freeflow frame and a 15 degree asa.

The Cockers

1) Dragon Designs Wraith Prototype (1/1)

One of the holy grails of autocockers. Formerly belonging to the owner of dragon designs, this is the very first wraith made and one of four complete factory wraiths. It has all of the original factory parts including the factory beaver tail. It's perhaps the most complete wraith that you will see. These were made in an era before CNC made its way into paintball, meaning all milling was done manually!

2) Undrilled EvoX

Danilo at Staind Works did this BY HAND. It's crazy. Autococker purists get mad because it's an Evo X without a factory ano, "alpha" males get angry because it has flowers and swirls on it, I say enjoy the art.

3) RKJ Merlin Extreme (1/4)
One of only four Merlins milled like this by Ryan; of those, this is the only P Block. Super light, super cool. Very thankful for him taking on my project, as this will be the only one to escape into the wild. Nothing says the golden age of paintball like a limited run, small shop cocker.

4) Killshot Kustoms Kraken
Finally got my name called. It's here; now it's just a matter of finding the right parts.

5) CCM MBP (1/50)

I live in SoCal. If you play paintball here, you have to have a pump. I've owned and built many pumps throughout my time in the sport, but one thing remains true, you will never find a better shooting pump than a factory CCM. Bought this thing brand new. Only 50 will be made.

Other Markers/Projects

Necro Axe Project

This has been a side project for a few months now. Nummech really has been a champion for me. In addition to giving me this 1/3 necro body, he custom milled a 1/1 asa to match the milling.

UPDATE! 11/22/2017
LNT manufacturing is currently modeling and designing a very cool, one off front grip for this project. Also having a species trigger custom made to fit. Baby steps.

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Brass and Wood Fan
Love the black > green > silver fades. I remember drooling over the TX Storm in that fade in the 888 Paintball catalog.
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Impressive! #3 is eye popping
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Love the Picasso anno that pooty does, only if I had $300 to just throw away, the Hawaiian themed shocktech has to be my favorite, last speedball gun was a texas storm timmy
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That urban camo shocktech is amazing, great collection
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Just further proof that nobody mills bodies like Bob does. Always thought that.
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Originally Posted by bellicose View Post
Just further proof that nobody mills bodies like Bob does. Always thought that.
That's what I tell people when they ask why I shoot an ironmen as a primary. It looks like someone put some time and passion into the design process.
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I remember seeing these on MCB and loving it. The Texas Storm for some reason sticks out to me the most I think. The milling on the 2K5 Shocktechs looks really intense.

Fantastic collection. One of these days I'd love to get a 2K5 Lasoya, they have always been my favorite.

Originally Posted by Chad Thompson View Post
Who is this Chad Thompson you all are talking about?
Virtus Et Peritia
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Very nice collection... That Pooty Ripper though! Wow. Stunning piece.

And good choice on shooting the Iron Men as your primary. Looks pretty mean in all gloss black
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FYI: USPS Flatrate IS the same price when shipping to Alaska...
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