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Ugliest Sniper 2 ever!

Not for the faint of heart........

I bought this brand new off the store/field i worked out back around 94(?) It was completely stock at the time and it quickly amassed a high kill count. Then i started adding fun stuff like better barrels, venturi bolts, Palmer internals, etc.

Then it happened.

I saw some custom milled autococker and thought, "i can do that!" Knowing nothing of machining/milling at the time i decided to make my body lighter and remove all the anodizing to get a chromed gun (like Dave Youngblood's A/C )

What you see is what a dumb kid with a drill press and a barrel hone can destroy if given the opportunity! The anodizing proved to be a bigger task than i thought. Apparently Bud Orr triple anodized back in the day and my attempts at removing it with oven cleaner left me a ugly bubbly mess you see here now. I actually cleaned it up and put a clear coat on it to preserve the marbling effect!

I have, without a doubt, easily put 100K rounds through this gun throughout the years. Replacing the internals 2 times due to wearing out various components.

Pulled it out of storage recently and decided to get back into playing again,( marriage+kid+kid2=no $$$!) rebuilt it yet again this time with a gigantic low pressure chamber built as a pump rod. New valve seals and springs were installed and now she's ready to bring back the kills by the thousands once more.

Can't wait to longball again with the most accurate, lowest pressure, Sniper II to ever grace the field! Oh, did i mention UGLIEST?

(i know it's missing a ball detent currently, got one coming from Doc up in Alaska since he has another gun of mine at the moment.)

WGP SniperII serial #8150
ANS venturi bolt
Palmer valve
Stiffi switch barrel(4 sizer back ends)
huge low pressure chamber
cut and milled vert asa
polished internals and tubes
powder coated grip frame
polished sear
battle grips
System X angled ASA
pure energy regulator set at 298 fps with HPA
viewloader revolution
old school neoprene hopper cover
I used to run this with a 40oz tank for stability and shot to shot repeatability!

1st shot was to see if i was where i thought you were at range-wise, 2nd shot was a correction and subsequent hit!

Prepare yourself, your eyes cannot unsee what they are about to.....

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She may be ugly, but she is the most memorable and best kind of ugly.

That marbling effecting is unreal.
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i like it. not sure why but i do.
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I wouldn't say ugly. I don't love all the holes drilled into it, but the marbling effect looks freakin sick.

Originally Posted by Chad Thompson View Post
Who is this Chad Thompson you all are talking about?
Originally Posted by Jack Wood View Post
ooh look at that over there!!! Jeremy Salm riding a giant rainbow-coloured unicorn!!
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That marble does look pretty darn sweet
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I like the holes, it's a unique look.

Looks like the gun has borer! Better put some moth balls in the box...
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I like it, its neat and "not done before" lol
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The holes and the "custom" ano Is pretty rad.

Looks like a solid shooter
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Thanks for the compliments guys! Yes it is a solid gun, i used to play tourney ball with it when everyone else had mags and cockers. Always awesome to eliminate the guy who spent a whole month's paycheck on his gun with my old ugly pumper.

I would regularly get my gun chronoed after a game because people thought it was shooting hot. Just shake my head and laugh every time it came back in the 280's when someone else would shoot it. (and how when you hold the bolt forward when firing it would miraculously spike to 310fps....)
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Dig it man. Dig it pretty well!
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